Description: This Program Will Create Four Plots From Data In A Matrix (List Of Lists Or Pandas).

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Description: This program will create four plots from data in a matrix (list of lists or pandas). Input: is the file SSE_Courses.csv, containing the enrollment for the School of Systems and Enterprises from Spring '18 to Fall '20 (not actual data): Output: four html files with one plot each, to be collected in a doc/pdf file See details in the Procedure. Procedure: 1. Open and read SSE_Courses.csv into a list of lists named data[]. This is assuming you are using lists. Make proper adjustments if you use pandas. 2. Using Bokeh, create the following 4 plots: o EM (Engineering Management) by semester  Line Plot  for example, EM is data[1][1:]  Line color green  Label the y-axis “EM enrollments” o EM vs SYS (Systems Engineering) enrollment  Scatter Plot  x = EM, y = SYS  label x-axis ‘EM and y-axis ‘SYS  dot color red o Average enrollment by program (EM, ES, ISE, SSW, SYS) over the years  bar plot  you must use np.mean (numpy.mean) to get the average  suggested method:  create a list for each food type that will contain the enrollment numbers as float. for example, EM_list = [float(i) for i in data[1][1:]]  Then take the mean of the list: for example, EM = np.mean(EM)  You will then have the 5 numbers you need to put into a list for the bar plot  Label the bottom of the chart with an x axis label (EM ES ISE SSW SYS) o Enrollment for the 5 programs for 2020  Pie chart  You need to calculate first the totals for 2020, adding Spring '20 to Fall '20  Label the wedges (names = 'EM', 'ES', 'ISE', 'SSW', 'SYS') You will submit BOTH the pdf/doc file and the .py with your script. It should be done in pycharm only

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