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Do you have TESOL experts that can do a 3 hour Certificate in TESOL online exam for me this Saturday 27th May 2023? The following sample exam is taken from the certificate in TESOL. I would like to see whether you have a suitable expert that could answer the following 21 TESOL Certification exam questions expertly, professionally, perfectly within 6 hours from now. Please also quote how much to do the following sample test within 6 hours from now. I need to see the answers to decide whether or not you have someone suitable. You may use the attached TESOL study guide for completing this sample test within 6 hours from now. The study guide is also to be used for preparing to take the 3 hour online exam for this Saturday 27th May 2023.


1. Explain the following terms: (10%)

  • ESL:___________________________________________
  • French as a Second Language: _________________________
  • FSL:______________________________________
  • TESOL: ______________________________________
  • EFL:___________________________________________

2. Explain the following methods and 3 of their differences, advantages & disadvantages: (10%)

  • Grammar Translation Method: 
  • The Direct Approach Method: 
  • Audio-lingual Method:
  • Notional Functional syllabuses Method:
  • The Communicative Approach (CLT): 

3. If 26 years old Singer & Song Writer Sarah is learning English in Dubai to join an Irish band in Dublin and make an album, what difficulties in accent, vocabularies, and grammar she might experience in Dubai and how different is Irish accent to British or American accent? (Explain in less than five lines) 

4. Explain three common ways of physical arrangements of the class, and which one is more appropriate for the ages of 8-12 years old? (5%)

5. When making a lesson plan, which one of the following orders shall be respected? (5%)

  1. Enabling Objectives – Terminal Objective – Evaluation – Homework. 
  2. Terminal Objective – Goal – Enabling Objective – Evaluation. 
  3. Goal – Terminal Objective – Enabling Objectives – Evaluation – Homework. 

6. Considering the listening skills, describe each status below: (10%) 

  • Clustering:
  • Redundancy:
  • Intensive:
  • Interactive:
  • Selective:
  • Top down technique:

7. What is the best way of self-accent correction for a student (by himself or herself) who is trying to correct his/ her English accent as a foreign speaker? (5%)

8. What is the best method of accent correction of the students by the teacher in your opinion? Explain. (5%) 

9. Explain differences of reading out loud and reading the advantages and disadvantages silently? (5%) 

10. What is transactional classroom speaking? (5%) 

11. What are the differences between vocational and display writing? (5%)

12. Outline the drafts method of writing skills: (10%) 

13. What method is commonly used in, The “New Interchanges” by Cambridge Publishers and in your own English teaching skills? (5%)

14. When researching online to provide English learning exercises to your students and to find teachers resources, what are the three most important “open source” English Learning Web Sites? (5%)

15. When teaching conversation workshops, in your opinion, what would be the best way of dealing with the following situation? (10%)

  • You have three students, a girl from Mexico 14 years old, a girl from Japan 16 years old and a man from Brazil 25 years old. Two of your students have the same level (lower intermediate), but one of them, the Japanese student, is at a lower level.

16) How would you deal with the level problem if the option of a group change or level change is not available? 

17) What method would you use most for their age differences and would you be able to place them in one class? 

18) How different will be your English teaching directions from one student to the other considering the differences in their age, gender, and most of all their native language grammar, accent and pronunciation differences? 

19) Question 18, if they are all placed in once class, and teaching class is in Mexico City?

20) Question 18, if they are all taking private individual classes, and they are all studying in Texas and not in Mexico?

(Bonus Question) 

21. How would you motivate your students when you have to create a non-competitive environment in a classroom of 15 years old students all from Brazil? (5%)

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