Engineering Risk And Decision Analysis

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  1. 1.(BIZ) Enterprise Value: The enterprise value is based on current value of the company and profit/costs associated with extraction of proven/M&I ore. This metric is a disadvantage to Graphite One.  Is it fair to include this metric or is there a better cost accounting metric available to use?
  2. 2.(BIZ) Location – Distance to Market: this is an added metric to represent transportation costs associated with moving the ore itself.  Given that sea, rail and truck costs are dramatically different, is this metric too simplistic?
  3. 3.(BIZ/RMP) Stage Maturity: Resource means PEA is not complete, PEA and FS described above, FS has most detail. Although, this metric is somewhat qualitative, it accurately represents maturity.  If you would replace it, what would you replace it with and why?
  4. 4.(BIZ/ENG/GEO/RMP) The weighting schema is shown in Appendix B of the case study. Basically a U.S. investor perspective was is reflected by valuing in-situ and regulatory ease as the top 2 metrics.  Conceptually, the investor questions reflected in this schema are:
    1. How much resource can I reliably expect to have to sell for profit?
    2. How attractive to Tesla, GM or Ford (for example) are these mid-market junior mining firms, i.e. easy to deal with? Obviously, any opinion difference on what metrics to choose and how they’re weighted relatively could change the results.  Think supply chain here!
  5. 5.(BIZ/ENG) In the Post-Risk (early 2015) utility assessment other mid-market players may of course be conducting their own improvements. How would you estimate their improved states?

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