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Need a bill of materials spreadsheet in excel, I am attaching the word document the outlines the specifics of this project. I need this done right away

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Assignment 2 Spring 2021 IS 3220: Bill of Materials (BOM) Date: August 31, 2021 1. I want you to build me a Bill of Materials table usually done in excel. Take the information you can find on-line to build me a component list for a Raspberry Pi 4. Do the major components only? You may have to estimate some of the prices of components and lead times though they are available. BOM must include the following columns as a minimum: Name, part number, manufacturer, function, price per each, lead time to obtain, description of function. There must be a total dollar amount at the bottom of the price column. See my example BOM for further references, you may add additional columns just not less. Note: mine has volume pricing as well, and vendor information which is generally found on many BOM’s. 2. Build a Requirements and Specifications document for your use of a Raspberry Pi 4. As I showed in class there is a huge amount of materials on-line to look at and use for this assignment. There are many diagrams and other helpful visualizations to help you on-line. Look around the whole Raspberry Pi world of information and data to learn what they are and why we use them and imagine how you might use a simple Single Board Computer (SBC) like a Raspberry Pi. If you were going to use this type of device; what would you use it for and what specifications would you need to do so. (See # 2 above) Major components would be: CPU, Memory, Micro SD card, Connectors/connections. Power supply, Input and output connections such as HDMI though not limited to just that one; Board size, if different. I have posted examples of Bill Of Materials (BOM’s) in a D2L folder. As well as a document on requirements and specifications. Additionally, you can find information of these from the latest version posted in D2L of Bottlenecks and Resource Management. 1
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