Excel Finance Modeling With Large Data Set

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Data is purposely not complete, so you will need to make assumptions where required. Use the attached data to build a model to understand the impact of building the data center and leasing for eight years. Engineering Team noted that only workloads that use "TimedStorage" and "HeavyUsage" offerings in "US East 1" and zone "WBR a" can be moved to the data center. Discover Product generated $7M in the first year, grew 75% in second, and 55% in the third year. We expect turner deceleration as base increases. The all-in upfront cost to building the equivalent capacity data center is $75M with $5M of annual maintenance expenditure and incremental headcount investment to manage it (10% of yearly revenue) Pricing: Retrieval-SIA $0.01 per gigabyte (GB) of storage used TimedStorage-ByteHrs $0.015 per gigabyte (GB) of storage used Retrieval-SIA $0.0066 per 1,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests EarlyDelete-ByteHrs $0.017 per gigabyte (GB) - Glacier Early Delete HeavyUsage $0.0222444 per hour MediumUsage $0.0322444 per hour LightUsage $0.0422444 per hour

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