Film Analysis Of The Film Us Directed By Jordan Peele

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Introduction – Introduce the film, the background of the film, the general details of the film and why you chose to analyze this film, and how it connects to the course which is a race and ethnicity course observing ethnicity and emotions in U.S films emphasize black American films. Background – What is the background of the film, where does it take place, what year was it filmed, why was it made, under what circumstances was the film created, and during what social era, who is the primary character(s) in the film and who are supporting characters in the film? Lay a foundation that creates an understanding of the film without making it sound like you’re talking to a friend at a local coffee shop. Rather, speak with a scholarly tone in this paper for this section that synthesizes your thoughts and ideas cohesively that details the work of the film with current and historical context, in an academic way. Purpose – What do you feel the purpose of the film is? Is there a universal purpose to the film you’ve chosen? What greater purpose does the film serve in terms of the critical purpose to the portrayals seen on screen within the film? How does the film make you feel and why does it make you feel this way? Who Wrote the Film/ Why the film Was Written – Who wrote the film? Why did they write it? What purpose does the film serve in the field of cinema, art, and Hollywood? Themes – Talk about the themes you see visually, emotionally, and audibly within the film and how they connect to the coursework. Talk about how the themes you wish to discuss from the film connect to issues we are currently facing in terms of race, emotion, patriotism, and critical thought. Audience – Who is the audience for this film and what intentions do you feel the creators of this film had in mind when this film was in pre-production? Gleanings – What are your greatest takeaways from this film? Why are they your greatest takeaways? How can you apply these gleanings? Where would you apply them to? Emotion – How does the film make you feel? Why do you think the film makes you feel this way? Were these emotions in you before you watched the film? Discuss the emotional implication of the film for yourself and who you feel the intended audience is. Directors Impetus – What was the director's purpose in taking on this film and directing it in the form and fashion they chose? What is the primary impetus and reasoning for this film and how does this liberate the intended audience, if at all? Unique Screenplay – Discuss the screenplay and the actions that are written in the script based on the lines or actions conveyed on screen and what they mean. Film Connections to Current Times – What connections to current times do you see or hear in this film? How far removed is this film from our current social, political, and economic states as we know it? Discuss the state of our current time with connections to the text of Diawara (1993) as it relates to the film and make a clear assessment of the film as it relates to Diawara’s primary purpose for writing Black American Cinema. Film Theory – What aspects of film theory are seen from a cinematography standpoint? What is mise-en-scene and what elements of it can be analyzed in this film? Discuss the colors of the film as it relates to the lighting, the way the film was edited, the color scheme as it relates to the time/era the film takes place, and how that connects the story being told within the film. Does it serve the film well based on the colors, and angles in which it is shot? What frames in the film help to convey the primary message in the film? Critical Race Theory (CRT) – What themes are race, ethnicity, nationality, law, power, superiority, intersectionality, inferiority, and intersectionality can you see in this film? Why? How did the character(s) overcome the given tenets of CRT as it pertains to the film? Discuss in detail what elements are most prominent compared to others regarding CRT in this film. Where does CRT and film theory interconnect in the film you chose? How so? Please discuss. These questions are based upon the idea that the person has already watched the film if you have time please watch the film and then answer the questions. As far as discussions in class we have talked about discrimination against African American actors trying to get into the film industry. If you are unable to answer the question high light it and I will do those.

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