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For the following programs you must deliver the following: Use mathlab • A folder that contains the codes and the information to solve the programs, the name of the folder must be your registration_code (eg m030808_code). The main program to solve each problem must be called plate_T#_P# (where # is the number of the problem/task). • A folder called plate_results (eg m034976_results) within each of these folders there will be a folder that has the number of the problem in the form P# (eg P1, P4) and for each problem there must be the files displacements.csv, efforts.csv, supports.csv, your connectivity table saved as tc.csv and in the case that the figure has the nodes identified with letters, an equivalence table between the letter and the node number that you handled (eg A,1) called ndeq.csv; in case some other file is required (eg a comparison figure) it should also go inside the folder. • Finally, outside the folders there should be a report in pdf format, where you include tables, figures explaining each problem and tables with the results of efforts and displacement of the nodes, as applicable for each problem. You should also include a short note about your observations in the problem.

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