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Here's the list of topics covered in the exam:

  • Regular expressions
    • Definition
    • Extensions in practice
    • The languages they define
  • Formal languages and their relationship to decision problems
  • Regular languages and their relationship to regular expressions
  • Finite automata
    • Definition, deterministic, non-deterministic
    • Language defined by a finite automaton
  • Equivalence of NFA, DFA, regular expressions/languages
    • Including the proof of this equivalence
  • DFA minimization
  • Pumping Lemma
    • Proof and application
  • Context-free grammars, definition and the languages they define
  • Parse trees and derivations, leftmost and rightmost derivation
  • Push-down automata, modes of acceptance, and equivalence of modes of acceptance
  • Relationship between PDA and context-free grammars/languages
  • Recursive-descent parsing and shift-reduce parsing (the ideas; we did not discuss the details of how to choose when to shift or reduce for example)
  • Deterministic PDAs
  • Turing machines and RAMs (definition, how do they work), variations of Turing machines and their (in)significance
  • Recognizable languages, decidable languages, computable functions
  • Church-Turing thesis
  • Existence of undecidable, unrecognizable languages, existence of non-computable functions
    • How do we use reductions to prove this
  • Definitions of P and NP


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