Hmls 310 Discussion: Read The Chapter 1 (Understanding Public Response To Alerts And Warnings) Of The National Academies

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HMLS 310 Discussion

Read the Chapter 1 (Understanding Public Response to Alerts and Warnings) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2018) book Emergency Alert and Warning Systems: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions ( and the article by DeYoung et al. (2019) in the Course eReserves.

1. Warnings

Using specific citations from the reading, describe some of the activities that people generally engage in after receiving warning information and before initiating protective actions. Is it a stimulus/response relationship (immediate compliance with information) or a process that results in action or inaction? Explain. Explain how these processes likely worked in an event such as the mistaken Hawaii Missile warning (See DeYoung et al., 2019 article - eReserves)

2. Evacuations

Use The National Governors Association Guide to Mass Evacuations, Pinellas County, FL (2018) Hurricane Irma After-Action Report (Read the Executive summary, Event overview, Warning and evacuation, Healthcare facilities, and Sheltering section of the report p. 1-16) and the article by Damonoske (2017) Why Didn't Officials Order the Evacuation of Houston? to address the following:

Use evidence from the three readings to discuss the key aspects of evacuation (NGA Report) for critical incident response. Use the second (Hurricane Irma - 2017) and third (Hurricane Harvey -2017) readings to discuss some of the real-world issues in ordering evacuations. What are the lessons learned?


  • Post a substantive initial response (300 words minimum not including citations) to the initial discussion question. 
  • Your posts must be based on factual academic information (not personal opinion) supported with citations to at least two (2) academic references in addition to the course materials. This is to demonstrate that you read and understood the assigned readings and all prior postings by the instructor and other students. 
  • Please use the correct APA format in citing any source material you use

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