How Has Globalization Affected People's Lives Around The World?

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Essential Question- How has globalization affected people's lives around the world?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?  What will the future impact of globalization on humanity/the world be?  

PART 1:  Choose a topic from the list below based on your academy.

Science & Technology

  • International Space Station
  • Sustainability 
  • Pollution/ Ozone layer
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computers-Impact on Education, gaming and spending time 
  • Green Revolution- GMOs, Renewable Energy
  • Weapons of mass destruction/ proliferation
  • Cyber-terrorism/ hacking
  • Nano-technology

Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing man v. machine
  • Amazon fulfillment technology: Drone delivery, robot assembly etc. 
  • 3-D Printers
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Cloning-Dolly 
  • Spare Parts for Humans 
  • Fiber Optics
  • Robotic surgery  
  • Self Driving Cars/Auto
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Plastic Injection

Business & Entrepreneurship 

  • Fair trade 
  • Global Free Trade-NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement),WTO (World Trade Organization),GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)
  • Multinational corporations
  • Global taxes
  • Outsourcing
  • Employer ethics/ corporate responsibility 
  • International labor standards  
  • Global Digital Divide- “Leapfrogging” 
  • Offshoring
  • World currency

Arts & Communication

  • Nations Unite- United Nations (UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
  • Cyber terrorism-Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, Unlocking Cell Phones
  • International Security- Aviation, etc. 
  • Social media platforms (Social web)
  • Mass Media 
  • Internet & Social change in Humanity
  • World Music Awards
  • Multilingualism 
  • Megacities 
  • Endangered Languages
  • Garment industry 
  • E-Sports

Health Science

  • Epidemics- SARS, Bird Flu, Zika Virus, H1N1, Aids, Measles, etc. 
  • Environmental treaties 
  • World Hunger/ Malnutrition 
  • Water scarcity
  • Human under/overpopulation
  • Endangered species 
  • Invasive species 
  • International health and medical organizations 
  • Vaccinations 
  • DNA -> Designer Babies, 23&Me, Cold Cases

Human Services  

  • Distribution of wealth
  • World Poverty 
  • International sports- Olympics, Soccer, Cricket, Field Hockey, Golf, Rugby, etc. 
  • Western Domination/ Westernization 
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights- Rights of the child 
  • Gender Inequality-Title IX, Pay, Government
  • Refugees/ Human Migration 
  • Cultural Homogenization 
  • Social injustice/ discrimination 
  • International law
  • Global education standards 
  • Global citizenship
  • Humanitarianism- Red Cross, UNICEF, World Food Program, United Nations Refugee Agency, Doctors without borders  
  • Opencourseware
  • Humanoid robot

PART 2:  Research your topic.  Collect background information on your topic (5W’s and H) using at least 3 sources (and online textbook - Chapter 36).  You will complete an APA citation for each source. 

Use the sites below-, CIA World Factbook, World Health Organization, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Global Policy Forum, (collection of PDFs) 

Textbook Citation:

Beck, R., Black, L., Krieger, L., Naylor, P., & Ibo Shabaka, D. (2012). Ancient Rome and Early Christianity. In World History Patterns of Interaction (pp. 173-176). Orlando: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

PART 3:  Case Study. Case studies are in-depth investigations of a single person, group, event or community.  What region or country has been most impacted by your event?  Explore and research the effects of your topic on this part of the world.  Synthesize how it is meaningful & relevant to by addressing multiple categories: individuals, society (political, economic, social), 

the future.  Use the graphic organizer to make sure you meet the project criteria.   

PART 4:  Organize your findings in an infographic. Select a platform of your choice to share your findings. Platform options could include Canva, poster, Piktochart. Use the rubric to help meet project requirements.   ALL of them have shareable links.


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