I Have A Project For A Design And Analysis Of Machine Elements Course

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Please Check the provided files. I also have more documents provided by the class professor. The is a full project that requires designing and calculating, you are expected to write a technical report that includes hand sketches and cad drawings, along with design analysis calculations, like load analysis for example. You are expected to write in the third person and provide references to the websites you use at the end of the report.

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ME 3601 Project I Fall 2021 The following figure shows a gantry crane with casters used in many manufacturing plants to move heavy weights. The maximum load capacity for this gantry is 2,500 lb. and the usable height under the top beam is between 10.5 and 12.5 ft. The overall span of the gantry is 12 ft. Pin Connection Design the top beam, the vertical legs, the angled legs, and the pin connection between the vertical legs and the angled legs (shown by an arrow in the figure) of the gantry. This is an individual project. Submit a technical report on your project on or before October 12, 2021. The report should contain the following sections. 1. Title of your project 1. Design requirements and assumptions 1. Load and stress analysis 1. Material selection with justification 1. Design (including dimensions) 1. Final drawing Show all calculations and write the report in a clear, readable fashion. Submit the report on Canvas on or before the due date. The project is worth 20 points. 1. Report presentation (2 points) 2. Design requirements and assumptions (3 points) 3. Load analysis (4 points) 4. Material selection (2 points) 5. Stress analysis and design (7 points) 6. Drawing (2 points)
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