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View the Introduction to Wireshark video (in the Readings and Video section). This video will provide the information on how to complete Step 2 below.

Step 2: Download Wireshark at www.wireshark.org and complete the below tasks/steps.

  1. Complete a Wireshark packet capture on your personal PC or MAC for a:
    1. Ping Packet,
    2. HTTP Capture, and
    3. TCP Congestion Control using Wireshark and testmy.net - identify all 4 of the following:.
      1. IP Address
      2. Protocol (UDP or TCP)
      3. Destination and Source IP Address
      4. IP Class Type (A-D).
  2. Create a 6-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation that discusses the Wireshark application and the 3 tasks + 4 subtasks completed. Please provide screenshots/images similar to what is provided in the video.



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