Implicit And Explicit Bias That I Have Or Not

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There is a site to take a survey. I have included it in the file i uploaded. this takes about 15 minutes. I have taking mine on religion. Their are question that are in the file I uploaded.

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Rhode Island College Department of Psychology Psychology 215 Social Psychology THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: IMPLICIT ATTITUDES Introduction Attitudes toward groups are social cognitions, and there has been a great deal of interest in stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination since the field of psychology began. In this course, you will learn that behavior may be affected by both explicit (attitudes that you are aware of) and implicit (attitudes you are not aware of) information processing. This Thought Experiment is based on research on implicit and explicit attitudes toward social groups. This research has had a great deal of impact in modern social psychology and in society more broadly. For example, many police departments around the country provide training in implicit attitudes toward groups in order to reduce responses to citizens that are unlawful. The tragic cases of George Floyd ( and Eric Garner ( are examples. This activity is designed to give you direct, firsthand experience with the measurement of implicit attitudes. Implicit Association Website at Harvard University A website at Harvard University hosts a number of implicit association tests (IAT) that will measure your implicit attitudes toward different groups. You should choose one (1) group and take the implicit association test measuring your attitudes toward that group. It is essential that you choose a group that you can honestly say: “I am not biased negatively toward this group in any way.” This is your explicit attitude toward the group. The IAT measures implicit attitudes that are outside of awareness. The website is: After taking the IAT for the group you selected, you will be given an interpretation of your implicit attitudes. You should write a three (3) page, single spaced, clearly written and thoughtful discussion of your experience. It is essential that you address each of the following questions in your response. Grades on the paper are based on the following criteria: A. Responses to the questions well written, clear, organized, and grammatical. B. Responses are developed sufficiently; that is, does the answer provide sufficient detail so that a reader, who knows nothing about the IAT, can get a basic understanding of the concepts of explicit and implicit attitudes? C. Your answer to the last question regarding your personal experience with the IAT reflects an understanding of the concepts addressed. Questions to be answered after taking the Implicit Association Test. You should use a question-answer format. That is, pose the question and then give your response. (Responses should be no less than 3 pages single spaced) 1) Were you surprised or unsurprised by your implicit attitude? 2) Was your implicit attitude consistent with your explicit attitude? 3) Do you trust the validity of your results – why or why not? 4) Is the IAT a valid scientific procedure for the measurement of attitudes outside of awareness, or is it a clever trick that causes people to process information in a manner than looks undesirable (i.e., biased)? 5) Provide a concrete example of your behavior regarding the group you selected from everyday life that is consistent with, or inconsistent with, your implicit attitude as measured by the IAT. For example, the IAT says you have a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward a group, and you approach or avoid members of that group. 6) What is your personal reaction to the online learning experience? Submission of Papers On Blackboard, there is a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT link in the blue navigation area. Follow the link titled Submission of Thought Experiment on Explicit and Implicit Bias and you will be able to upload your file. If possible, please submit the paper in Word format and not as a PDF. The due date is June 17 by midnight.
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