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I am hiring to complete an online Java class for me from start to finish.  The project involves the creaation of a GUI-based scheduling system.  The requirements for the project are in the attachment, but there are very specific details within each requirement.  In order to complete the project correctly, I will need to provide you access to my account so you can ensure that all requirements are met.   Completion of the course is solely dependent upon completing this project.  If the graders require revisions to the project, then this contract will include making the required revisions and then resubmitting the project.  The hired will contact me prior to submitting the project file for grading.  Ideally, I would like the project completed within 4 weeks, and I would appreciate weekly progress reports on a Monday or Tuesday.   Note that the project is set up to be completed in the school's virtual environment, and the completed project must be in a form that runs correctly within the school's virtual environment.  Offline work is fine as long as the completed project runs in the school's virtual environment.

Please review the attached file and make an offer for this work.  Thank you.

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Hello It's been a few weeks and we are at the end of the road. Please find attached the completed final code for your review. I have added a link to the word file attached for you to retrieve the ZIP folder Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be here to provide any clarifications/support. It's been awesome working with you and the project has allowed for a good utilization of my skills and experience. I hope you like the final product. Best Regards.

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