Msc Projuct: An Investigation Into The Cyber Security Risks Of Home\Small Business Setups

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Instead of highlighting that small businesses do not have enough training or resources I would like to take a different approach and focus on SME businesses who are more exposed and vulnerable to being attacked. I would like to take a more practical approach and propose to take an actual small business computer network (failing that then a typical small business setup) to highlight the current state of their network and model their computer network using a software called SecuriCAD and evaluate the vulnerabilities present. These vulnerabilities could be used to attack assets. To counter act these attacks I can introduce different cyber attacks and counter measures and attack graphsin the model. In other words, I will be carrying out threat modelling using SecuriCAD and I could also research relevant CVEs that could affect this network and recommend solutions in order to strengthen the network. The solution could be used as a guide for other similar setups by businesses. As part of the guide I could possibly include how to recover from an attack and what measures a small home run business could have in place to manage an after attack.. Must include literature reviews and be a minimum of 10000 words to a maximum of 15000. To follow the template attached as closely as possible.

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