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I am attaching a document so that you may be able to better understand what is required. A few pieces of background: I am pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice and hope to become a private investigator to help those wrongly accused prove their innocence.I am mainly just wanting something I can generate ideas from about the direction in which the essay intends to accomplish what is being asked in the file. Do not worry about it being in MLA format. Just be concerned with the writing prompt, project description, and the first two bullet points on the last page.

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My Goals essay assignment sheet Due Date: Formal written submission due Wednesday, 2/15 @ 11:59pm EST Location Due: CougarVIEW dropbox: Assessments > Assignments > Project 1 > My Goals essay Format Due: .doc, .docx, or .pdf file uploaded into the CougarVIEW dropbox. Format your document according to MLA standards used in this course, using the sample essay as a guide. Word count: The minimum word count for the essay is 750 words. Please do not exceed 1200 words for this essay. Note that the header information, essay title, and page numbers do not count toward that minimum of 750 polished, edited writing that you will submit. Writing Prompt: Introduce yourself as a person and student by outlining your present and future goals. Explore why you may be currently enrolled in this college course at Columbus State University by establishing and developing immediate and future goals. Describe specific areas of growth that you will undertake, examining how these goals will affect you and those around you. Demonstrate the ability to express your inner thoughts and unique personality effectively through writing. Project Description: The written word is a major point of contact and understanding between you and your instructors in college. Writing is also how many of us engage with our friendships, jobs, or education. Being able to express yourself and communicate through writing is an essential tool as you navigate through life; you will continue to hone and sharpen this tool through your first-year composition classes. As you begin or continue your college journey, it is important to know your purposes in pursuing an education. The best way to achieve goals is to set them! Though we as humans may grow and develop passively, it often takes setting goals and purposefully taking steps to achieve them to maximize our growth. To begin articulating why you’re in college and what your degree will help you achieve, you must first express what you want to accomplish both in this class and all of the courses you will take in the future. In this essay, you will explain and articulate your immediate and future goals. These plans you want to achieve do not have to be academic only; feel free to examine some of your professional and personal goals too. Because this is a formal essay that extends to 750 words, you should not merely list out your goals and move on. Think deeply about why you are taking a college course and what you hope to learn and achieve through ENGL 1101, your other classes this semester, and the classes you plan to take in the future. Though a college degree is an obvious endpoint, why is that something you want to achieve? Ask yourself why and provide descriptive answers to those questions to help craft a comprehensive, detailed essay that serves as a plan for your future. As with any essay, you should begin with an introduction, immediately grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them into your writing. While your name will be in the header of the essay, you may want to identify yourself or your course of study as part of this introduction. After your introduction, talk about your immediate goals as a student. Using present tense verbs, explain what you hope to accomplish by the end of this semester. Transition from these immediate goals by starting to use future tense to explore the goals you want to achieve in the years to come. As you discuss these goals using future tense verbs, find ways to connect back to those immediate objectives you wrote about earlier and how what you are doing now will help accomplish these goals in the future. For example, learning how to speak confidently in a public setting in your COMM 1100 this semester might enable you to interview well for job opportunities, or even propel you to be a strong leader in your career field. As you discuss those long-term goals, leave your reader on a positive and hopeful note as you speculate about where you see yourself in the future. Your essay has you as an anchor, so find ways to pull all your goals together in a way that showcases you and avoids sounding overly repetitive. Though this is a collegiate essay, you are welcome to use first-person pronouns (I, me, myself, etc.) as discussed in our Writing Spaces reading! You can also approach this in a creative way and will likely want to tell stories about yourself, your family, and your experiences to explain why you have these goals. You are a human and a unique person, so let your essay reflect that! Do not use a traditional 5-Paragraph Essay Approach with an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs each showing a specific topic, and a conclusion paragraph. Instead, let your content direct how your ideas are organized. Outline your goals in a way that shows the reader how these connect back to the common denominator of you, the student writer. We will be able to work on this essay through our first four weeks in class as you complete the Outlining Goals submission and our first series of Discussions posts in CougarVIEW, so be inspired by your fellow writers and the reading we do. That means that your classmates will be reading your writing, so keep in mind you have an audience of both your instructor and your peers. This essay should not be one that could be written by any person in college but instead should reflect the personal, professional, and/ or academic goals that are driving you to succeed in this class and all the other college classes you plan to complete! A successful My Goals essay will: · Describe in vivid and creative detail the goals that you are achieving by completing ENGL 1101, your other classes this semester, and the future classes you plan to take in college. · Explain how and why you want to grow through this college journey, and the specific areas of growth you plan on achieving · Be formatted according to general MLA paper formatting standards as seen in the Sample Document found in CougarVIEW: Content: PROJECT 1. Your paper should: · Be double-spaced in a consistent 12-pt font · Include a header with the student writer’s name, course name, instructor name, and date in the top-left section of the first page only · Include a centered title of the essay between the header and body of the paper · Add formatted page numbers showing student’s last name and page number on the top-right corner of every page · Though a Works Cited page would usually appear on the last page of an MLA paper, this paper should not require any outside sources · Follow standards and conventions of formal written language: use standardized spelling, accepted and consistent grammatical structures, use punctuation to organize your thoughts in complete sentences, place paragraph breaks to organize your topics · Be at least 750 words and no more than 1200 words in total: this wordcount includes only the body paragraphs of your paper (the header, title, or page numbers do not apply to wordcount) · Be submitted to the CougarVIEW dropbox designated for this paper no later than 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, 2/15. Refer to the class syllabus for statements on late and missed work and reach out to me early if you anticipate not being able to submit your paper by Wednesday, 2/15.
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As a student pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice, my goal is to become a private investigator and help those who have been wrongly accused of a crime to prove their innocence. This is a goal that I am extremely passionate about, and one that I believe has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the lives of individuals and their families.

The idea of working as a private investigator was initially sparked by a course I took during my freshman year, where I learned about the importance of evidence gathering and the various techniques used in criminal investigations. I was fascinated by the work of private investigators, who often work tirelessly behind the scenes to gather information that can ultimately lead to the exoneration of individuals who have been wrongly accused.

I believe that becoming a private investigator will allow me to use my skills and knowledge to help those who are most in need. It is a profession that requires a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, as well as the ability to think critically and creatively to solve complex problems. As someone who is naturally analytical and detail-oriented, I believe that I possess the qualities necessary to excel in this field.

In addition to my academic studies, I have been taking steps to prepare myself for a career in private investigation. I have been volunteering with local law enforcement agencies and non-profit organizations, where I have gained valuable experience in evidence gathering and case analysis. I have also been working on improving my communication skills, as I recognize that effective communication is crucial when working with clients, witnesses, and law enforcement officials.

One of the things that motivates me most about this career path is the potential to make a difference in the lives of those who have been wrongfully accused. The criminal justice system is not infallible, and there are countless cases where innocent individuals have been convicted of crimes they did not commit. These individuals often face years or even decades of incarceration, separation from their families, and loss of reputation and livelihood. As a private investigator, I would have the opportunity to help these individuals by gathering evidence that can prove their innocence and ultimately lead to their exoneration.

I am also drawn to the intellectual challenge of working as a private investigator. Each case presents a unique set of circumstances and requires creative problem solving in order to uncover the truth. I believe that this type of work would be incredibly rewarding, as it would allow me to use my analytical skills in a way that is both challenging and fulfilling.

Of course, I recognize that becoming a private investigator will not be easy. It will require dedication, hard work, and a willingness to constantly learn and adapt to new challenges. But I am committed to putting in the effort necessary to achieve my goal, and I am confident that I have the skills and passion needed to succeed.

In addition to my long-term goal of becoming a private investigator, I also have several short-term goals that I am working towards. One of these is to continue building my network within the criminal justice community. This includes attending networking events, joining professional organizations, and seeking out mentorship opportunities. By doing so, I hope to gain insights into the field of private investigation and learn from those who have already achieved success in this area.

Another short-term goal is to continue developing my research skills. In order to be an effective private investigator, it is crucial to be able to gather and analyze information from a wide variety of sources. This requires not only technical skills, but also the ability to think critically and creatively about the information gathered. By honing my research skills, I believe that I will be better equipped to excel in this field.

Ultimately, my goal of becoming a private investigator is driven by a desire to help others and make a positive impact in the world. I believe that this is a career path that will allow me to use my skills and knowledge to do just that.

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