Nalytical Essay Critically Evaluating A Question Intersecting Religion And Politics

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900-word analytical essay critically evaluating a question intersecting religion and politics (e.g., a political position of a religious movement or value(s), a government policy, or international or global action). The goal of this assignment is to practice applying knowledge to current events about religion and politics, because without applying what we learn in the course to the real world it is hard to tell whether we comprehended the knowledge points we think we know

Suggested essay organization:

  1. Start by giving a quick background or observation that piqued your interest in the question/problem/policy/proposal of the essay. 
  2. In your own words, sum up what others have said or wrote about the issue. 
  3. Present your own argument, concisely. 
  4. Offer support or evidence to back up your position. 
  5. Acknowledge a counter argument and dismiss it--with reason and evidence.
  6. Restate your thesis and its importance or implications.  


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