Networking Using Packet Tracer

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Lab instructions

Configure all ports connected to the hosts and servers in the access mode

Configure all ports between the switches as trunk mode

Create the below VLANs and name them as below on all of the switches:

VLAN 10(named Accounting)

20(named: HR)

30(name: Sales) 

100(name: unused)

Assign VLANs to switch ports as below:

SW-Accounting: ports Fa0/4 and Fa0/1 to VLAN10

SW-HR: ports Fa0/1 to VLAN20

SW-Sales: port Fa0/1 to VLAN30

SW-DC-Accounting: ports Fa0/3 to VLAN10

SW-DC-HR: ports Fa0/3 to VLAN20

SW-DC-Sales: ports Fa0/1 to VLAN30

Assign all unused ports (ports that are not connected and are empty) to VLAN 100 and configure them to access mode

Assign IP addresses to the hosts and servers as below:







verify the connections by the below pings:

From hosts in the VLAN 10 to the server in the VLAN 10

From hosts in the VLAN 20 to the server in the VLAN 20

From the host in the VLAN 30 to the servers in the VLAN 30

Configure the VLAN 999 as native VLAN on all the trunk interfaces


(you need to use the packet tracer file I provided in the attachment to do the assignment, thanks)




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