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Submission Instructions: You will need to turn in the following: 1. A report in PDF format. The report should briefly describe your implemented solution and show your running results for every assignment. Your description should focus on the most "interesting" aspects of your solution, i.e., any non-obvious implementation choices and parameter settings, and what you have found to be especially important for getting good performance. Feel free to include pseudocode or figures if they are needed to clarify your approach. Your report should be self-contained and it should (ideally) make it possible for me to understand your solution without having to run your source code. 2.Your source code. The code should be well commented, and it should be easy to see the correspondence between what's in the code and what's in the report. You don't need to include executables or various supporting files (e.g., utility libraries) whose content is irrelevant to the assignment. If I find it necessary to run your code in order to evaluate your solution, I will get in touch with you. Please zip both the report and source code into one package and name it based on the following rule: “Your_First_Name_ Your_Last_Name_PA1.zip” To do this, you will need to use my first in last name in the assignment as stated above. ***Project report template (for reference only): a project report may include at least the following items: abstract, problem description, algorithm(pseudocode), implementation details, running results and analysis, conclusions on what you have learned in the project, and references (if applicable, also explicitly cite them in your project report). --I believe there is a better template that i can add if needed for the report to better showcase what the report is looking for. [PICTURES ARE GIVEN BELOW FOR PROJECT DETAILS--BY ACCIDENT I UPLOADED THE PICTURES TWICE. ONLY 4 ARE FOR THE PROJECT. THE REST ARE DUPLICATES.]
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