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This week, you should start working on Project 2. One of the two deliverables for that project is a brief screen capture video demonstrating your exploitation of the exploit/category you select this week. In the video, you will describe the steps you took to penetrate the system and exfiltrate data. In Week 6, you will share your videos with your team in the discussion, and you will submit it for grading in Week 7. Video Requirements In your video, you will do a walk-though of the attack on the Linux system with your Kali box and explain how you were able to exploit the vulnerability as well as exfiltrate data. The video demonstration will be a powerful example of what occurs on an actual penetration test and will be an item that you can add to a portfolio. Your video should show the steps involved in penetrating the client’s system. The video will be created with Microsoft Stream. The video should be a maximum of 10 minutes but should not be shorter than 5 minutes. Include the following: introduction and purpose steps taken to break into the remote system and a discussion of the vulnerability you are exploiting an explanation of how you accessed the shadow file and what methods you used to crack the password hash an explanation of how you gained access to the confidential information on the system a summary of the steps taken in the video and recommendations for the company

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Penetration Test Report Prepared for Hotel Dorsey Name: Team Number: 5 Student Number:5 Introduction In this section, provide an overview and discuss the scope of the penetration test. Note the name of the operating system of the attack machine and discuss the tools that you will use (e.g., Zenmap, Metasploit). Keep in mind that this report will be reviewed by nontechnical people who may not know about the tools. The Pentester will be using Zenmap and Kali OpenVAS, the most trusted and popular security testing tools. The IP address of the attack machine is Kali Linux The IP address of the target machine is Metasploit Target In this section, list the IP address and hostname of the target system as well as the IP address assigned to the attack machine. Focus on the open ports and describe the corresponding services associated with the open ports, placing this information into a table. Keep in mind that this report will be reviewed by nontechnical people who will not know about FTP or SSH or may not know what functions the services provide on a network. Provide a screenshot of the Zenmap scan. All screenshots and tables should be labeled for your report. Vulnerability In this section, discuss the specific vulnerability you are using to exploit the remote system. Provide a description of the vulnerability and how you used the vulnerability to exploit the victim machine. Include the time of intrusion as well as a screenshot of your connection to the victim system. Finally, discuss the level of access you achieved on the box (Apache, root, etc.). Show screenshots using the getuid or whoami command to verify your level of access for your client (two screenshots). All screenshots and tables should be labeled for your report. Data Exfiltration In this section, explain how you were able to take the company’s sensitive data out of the network. Provide a screenshot of the method by which the data was extracted. Talk about the implications to the company and possible costs of losing proprietary data. Recommendations In this section, you will explain what security controls should be implemented to remediate the vulnerability that you have exploited on the remote system. Talk about the steps the client should take to ensure that the vulnerability is no longer present as well as any other suggestions you may have to help improve the overall security posture. References
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