Profile Of A Major Therapeutic In The United States Pharmaceutical Industry

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discussion/analysis to provide insight into the segment, and include the following elements ? Inform us of the number of patients and annual dollars spent within the segment ? Identify the major competitors in the therapeutic segment – both the manufacturers and their specific drugs ? For each major drug, please use the product website for each product, as well as additional information that you can find in public domain sources, to describe: o The indications for each competitor o Dosing/product presentation o Types of physicians that are likely to be writing the drugs in the class – and be targets of pharmaceutical company advertising o Positioning of each product – both to consumers and physicians (please provide to us screen shots of both the patient and HPC portions of the website to support your belief about the positioning of each product). Keep in mind that the product presentation my help support an element of positioning o The major clinical trials that support the product positioning of each competitor o Clinical trials currently planned or in progress to support additional indications o Ways each competitors attempts to have patients or HPCs “opt-in” to become a part of a CRM database/relationship programs o Any evidence of off-label use – in the segment or for key drugs in the segment o Activity based around price – rebates coupons directed at consumers o Product pricing ? Find, if possible, advertisements directed at consumers, and at HPCs. Describe the message in each ad execution, and relate it to what you believe to be the current product positions ? Identify o Order of entry into the segment o Order of granting of additional indications ? Provide information on (if it can be found) o Sales leadership/market share positioning o Pricing of each competitive product – and if pricing appears to be a major element of the competitive landscape in a segment ? Based on what you have learned, your belief on where the segment is going o Increasing in size-staying the same- decreasing? o New technologies/therapies that may affect utilization of this segment ? Managed care influence on utilization in the segment ? Medicare Part D implementation – and its effect on utilization in the segment If a segment is rather large, you may focus on the four to six (maximum) competitors that are the dominant player. Also: • You must focus on a therapeutic category that has branded competitors that are enjoying patent protection. Please do not consider a category where the competitors are largely generic products – as these are not promoted by any of the means that we will be discussing and compete solely on the basis of price – and being the lowest price. • Stay within a tight range regarding what you consider to be a competitor. For example, if you want to profile the migraine segment, I would expect you to discuss only the “triptans” – and not include strong Rx or OTC forms of Tylenol. Please try also to be certain that you address the 4 Ps as appropriate. For example, if all of the drugs in the class that you analyze/profile are HCP prescribed and obtained at retail or mail order pharmacies

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