Project Management Paper Review

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Determine the lessons learned from your article.

  1. Determine a question that you believe would be beneficial to present to others for discussion, and why you think that it’s a valuable question.
  2. Create your presentations in PowerPoint.
  3. Submit your Presentations in Canvas.

Article Presentation (Slide Deck)

  1. ALL text on the PowerPoint slides must be AT LEAST 20-point letter size.
  2. Cover Slide (not included in slide count)
    Article title, author and full journal reference
    • Abstract of your individual article
  3. Presentation Outline (6-8 slides)
    High-level lessons learned
    • Article Context along with the Goals & Objectives of study
    • Model(s), Process Pictures, supporting graphics
    • Results of any analyses
    • Impact on the PM field
    • Lessons learned from this article as they relate to analogous situations at your company or in your personal life. THINK, be creative, and specific.
    • End with your one discussion question and why you think that it’s a beneficial question to discuss.

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