Project Title: Data Visualisation With Tableau And Case Study On Legal Aspects Of Data Science

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Description: For Data Visualisation, dataset will be given Submission • One packaged Tableau workbook (.twbx file) with all the visualisations and the source dataset. • A separate report (such as a word file) addressing all the marking criteria and explaining / providing justification of the work done • A short (5min) presentation outlining the work done, results obtained and analytical insights Requirements • Create two visualisations in Tableau, one for the single-measurement pattern (analysis 1), the other for the multi-measurement pattern (analysis 2). • Each visualisation can be a work sheet, a dash board, or a story. o These need to be named Finding 1 and Finding 2, so they are clearly different from the result of tableau sheets. • The findings need to be of different type. o These two findings are of the same type: ▪ The obesity level in UK increased from 2000 to 2010, and ▪ The percentage of population with raised blood pressure decreased from 2000 to 2010. • Use Tableau Annotation to present/highlight the findings; • Use a separate report to address all the marking criteria For Case Study on Data Science, after reading the case, Answer all the questions below. The total number of marks this coursework is 100. There will be FOUR questions. Each question carries 24 marks and students are awarded an additional 4 marks for presentation (see marking rubric below). In the questions, marks will be given for citing relevant legal authorities or references where necessary.

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