Python Coding Question Requiring The Use Of Class Methods And Inheritance

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I need to have the code written with the use of class methods and instantiation, this is the second half of the introduction to programming (OOP Programming) and I am an undergraduate student so the code cannot be too advanced.

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Homework Assignment # 2 Due: 10/7 at 11:59 PM Topics: class, object, instantiation, methods, inheritance Problem Statement: 209 Burger Design and implement a simple burger takeout for class 209. The purpose of this lab is to gain experience in python’s class, class variable, instance variable, methods and inheritance and extending built-ins. Program Design: 1. Before starting of the program draw a general outline of your code. Think about it from the operational perspective: a. What should be the base class? Hint: Think about a Simple Burger class. i. What are the methods and attributes that are common among all the classes? ii. Hint: All burgers have bun and patty count as instance variable. b. What should be your sub classes? Can you identify the IS-A relationships? Hint: Different types of burger: cheese, and veggie toppings since they vary by ingredients. Simple burger does not have Cheese as toppings. i. What are the methods and attributes needed to properly define a subclass? ii. How to use the __init__ of the superclass? c. We will need a cart list which will contain all the burger objects one customer orders. The list class will also calculate the subtotal and total price(After applying tax) for an order. Hint: Remember how we extended a list class while designing our Contact class by adding a search method to ContactList object? (Lecture on Inheritance: Extending built-ins.) 2. Based on the information from the step 1, write the class definition and methods. 3. You can design a simple main function for user data and based on type of burger, create the objects. a. Hint: Main function takes user input on type, bun, patty count. Depending on the type create an object. Once an object is created, it will be added to the cart list object b. Design the main menu structure as provided in the sample I/O. 4. Display subtotal and tax and total at the end of the program as a receipt to the customer. Hint: This will involve calling methods from cart list class. Class, Methods and attributes: Base class: SimpleBurger Method description Param (/user options) Return type __init__() Initializes base burger ingredients. Defines a AddToCart type object ‘cart’ as class variable. ‘cart’ appends each current object ordered by a customer. Bun: white or wheat Patty: single or double none get_price() Returns the price depending on the number of patties. This one uses simple_burger_price dictionary to determine the price. (See below notes**) None float __str()__ Returns basic information. See sample I/O None string Subclasses: CheeseBurger and VeggieBurger: Design two subclasses CheeseBurger and VeggieBurger. Following are class components. Three subclasses are polymorphic since they all share common interface, however depending on the type the outcome will be different. Method description Param (/user options) Return type __init__() Initializes subclass objects. Apart from basic ingredients, it initializes the ingredient type. There can be two types of cheese for CheeseBurger class: ‘american’ and ‘pepper jack’. Three types of veggie toppings for VeggieBurger class: ‘lettuce’, ‘tomato’ and ‘caramelized onion’ Bun, patty and cheese type (CheeseBurger subclass) Bun, patty and veggie topping type (VeggieBurger subclass) None __str()__ Print representation of subclass object. See sample I/O. None string get_price() Calcualtes and then returns the price of a burger object. The price of a special burger object is price of a simple burger object plus the price based on type (see below note)**. Define a dictionary as a class variable in each subclass and access the price using the type. None float **Price is determined by type/number of patties in the burger – simple burger can be ‘single’ or ‘double’ patties where single costs 7.99$ and double is 10.99$. If a customer chooses single patty cheese burger, then it will be 7.99 plus additional cheese price will be added. Cheese price is determined by the cheese_type_price dictionary. All these dictionaries are defined as class variable in each class. Following is a sample dictionary can be used to determine the price: simple_burger_price = {'single': 7.99, 'double': 10.99} #class variable in SimpleBurger class cheese_type_price = {'american': 1.99, 'pepper jack': 0.99} #class variable in CheeseBurger class veggie_type_price = {'lettuce': 0.99, 'tomato': 0.99, 'caramelized onion': 2.99} #class variable in VeggieBurger class AddToCart – a list subclass: Contains the burger information for each burger object one customer orders. Extension of a list class and has the following extended method: Method description Param (/user options) Return type subtotal() Returns subtotal of the order. One order represents one customer and can contain multiple burgers. Obtain the summation of all the burger object in the cart. Hint: think about iterative over using a for loop on list object and then use get_price () method to obtain price for each object. None float tax() Applies 3.25% tax on subtotal and returns tax. None float total() Returns the total price of an order. None float Sample I/O: ******** Welcome to 209 Burger ******** Enter type of Burger(simple/cheese/veggie): simple Enter bun type (white/wheat): white Enter patty count (single/double): single Do you want to continue ordering (yes/no): yes Enter type of Burger(simple/cheese/veggie): cheese Enter bun type (white/wheat): wheat Enter patty count (single/double): double Enter cheese type (american/pepper jack): pepper jack Do you want to continue ordering (yes/no): no ******** Printing Receipt ******* 0- white-single-7.99 1- wheat-double with pepper jack-11.98 Subtotal: 19.97 Tax: 0.65 Total: 20.62 ****** Thanks for coming! ****** Submission: 1. All submission will be via BlackBoard by due time. 2. You can take help from the GTA and instructor, you can look at the class slides and lecture codes and python documentation. 3. The codes need to be written in the file. Please change the name of the file and the header of the file. Grading Rubrics: Excellent Average Need Improving Points possible Submission Both file name and file header meet spec Either file name or file header is incorrect Both file name and header is missing or incorrect ___/2 Comments and self- documentation Comments clearly demonstrates functionality of each part and variable names and methods are meaningful with proper documentation. Comments generally demonstrates the functionality of the code and variable names and methods are general with no proper documentation. Comments do not demonstrate the functionalities of the code and variable names and methods are not meaningful and no documentation is present ___/3 Implementation The base class, subclass and AddToCart class and methods has been defined correctly. The base class, AddToCart class and subclass and methods has been defined but some are missing. The class definition is incorrect and no methods are defined properly. ___/12 I/O and object creation Specified standard input and output are implemented with menu and object has been created properly Specified standard input and output are implemented and/or menu but with minor flaws and/or object is not created properly Specified standard input and output are not implemented, menu is not present and object creation is missing ___/8 Total Score __/25
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