Sales Data Analysis And Recommendation Report( At Least 6 Analytics In Pandas).

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Natasha is a client and her goal is to increase the profit by 10% in next year. The given data is in excel format. You can do it in google collaboration. Please include at least 6 analytics to help Natasha increase her profit. The whole should have menu in the code. Please let me know if you have any question. Please use similar code as intro to pandas. We have to 6 new analytics beside already present there

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Student Name INDIVIDUAL RECOMMENDATION REPORT Goal: Provide a location-based recommendation in support of Natasha’s goal to increase profits by 10% in the next year. With the goal of improving profits in mind, I reviewed the sales data provided by Office Solutions. My preliminary, high-level analyses revealed regional differences in both profits and sales, specifically that the Central region generated the third most sales ($501,240) but the lowest profit ($39,706) of any region over the last 4 years. This finding lead me to look more closely at the Central Region, beginning with an analysis of Central states’ sales and profits. Table 1 presents the five least profitable Central states indicating Texas is the most unprofitable despite high sales. Within Texas, the four highest sales cities, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Huntsville, collectively have sales of $113,000 but -$21,000 in profits. This information was concerning and influenced my decision to focus on Texas in my analyses. I then investigated the profitability of each sub-category in Texas. As illustrated in Table 2, nine out of the 17 Sub-Categories have negative profits. To understand why these Sub-Categories are unprofitable, I calculated their average discounts rates (Table 2) noting discounts range from 20% to a high of 80%. All the Sub- Categories with more than a 20% average discount in Texas have negative profits. This suggests a discount rate of 20% is a critical turning point in Sub-Category profitability, yet the average discount across Sub- Categories in Texas is 37%. Lastly, I investigated the monthly sales and discount trends in Texas finding the lowest sales in January and February and the highest sales in September and November, as seen in Table 3. Interestingly, this table also reveals that January and February had higher average discounts than September and November, suggesting higher discounts do not lead to higher Sales in Texas. Recommendation Given the many high discounts rates in Texas, their negative impact on profits, and their ineffectiveness in boosting sales, I recommend Office Solutions lower the discount rate in Texas to a maximum of 20% to improve the company’s profitability in this state. Table 1: The Five Least Profitable Central States Table 2: Sub-Category Profits & Discounts in Texas Table 3: Texas Monthly Sales & Discounts
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