Systems Analysis And Design: Create Use Case, Dfd, And Project Plan For Project Charter

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-DFD (Data Flow Diagram) -Use case (actors, use cases, system boundary) -Project plan (use Microsoft project) include predecessors/dates For Project Charter that is attached. Please see link for project idea:

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Requirements Document BUSINESS CASE / REQUIREMENTS DEFINITION CC ChatBot Version will need to be manually updated for each version. Version 0.1 Revised on October 20, 2021 Filename: Business Case Business Requirements Document Template it business analysis center of excellence revision history Date Version Name Description 10/20/2021 0.1 Amanda Duncan, LaKaleigh Harris Initial Creation / Scope/Solution Requirements/Glossary/Problem statement/ Benifits This table will need to be manually updated for each version. <once document is completed, select “F9” to update this table> table of contents Introduction 1 Background 1 Objectives 1 Business Objectives 1 Problem Statement 1 User Story 1 Acceptance criteria 1 Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Dependencies 1 Stakeholders 1 Requirements 1 Business Rules 1 Business Requirements 1 Solution Requirements 1 Use Case 1 Supporting Information 1 Appendix 1 Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 1 Requirements Definition September 29, 2021 Version 0.1 Page Introduction Background Users looking for a new credit card have to go through a tedious method to find the correct credit card for them. The main idea of ChatBot is to help choose the right credit card in an easier method for consumers. Instead of using the traditional filters and comparison tables to help narrow down a user’s search, ChatBot uses life-like conversational AI to make suggestions on the potential credit card matches through a virtual agent. It also educates consumers on multiple credit cards and gives users resources on how to use a credit card wisely. Goal · Help make choosing the right credit card easy for consumers by providing an interactive experience. · Leverage conversational AI to make suggestions on potential credit card matches through a virtual agent. Problem Statement The problem of Traditional process of searching and applying for credit cards online being tedious for users. affects New and existing customers who are looking for a credit card with the company the impact of which is This could lead to an unpleasant user experience for users trying to apply for credit cards on the website A successful solution would be To create an interactive chat experience tailored to the credit care search and application process. Engaging users Benefits The outcomes need to be concrete; tangible benefits from implementing the project. I’ve listed many examples below. · Increase in credit card applications and approvals online · Improved overall user experience and customer satisfaction · cost savings from using chatbots is estimated at $209 M in 2019 and it will reach $7.3 B globally by 2023. · Service is available 24/7 for customers · estimated increased sales by 67% on average based of business leaders in Finance industry Project Scope Please refer to the complete document as a definition of scope. The following is a summary of the in-scope and out-of-scope activities and scenarios: In Scope · A project planning to highlight the uses of the tool to be developed, requirements for developing the tool, and users of the tool. · Development of a tool that will provide suggestions on the best credit card to pick by eliminating the tedious process that is associated with searching and applying for a credit card. · Develop a tool that educates consumers on credit cards and offers resources that enable users to use credit cards wisely. · Use app engine flex to deploy the developed application to Google cloud. · Displaying rich context to users of the application to ensure effective achievement of the application goals. · Ensure bot is working for travel card (capital one cards) inquiries. · Use Google cloud services for webhooks, Dialogflow cx for the application chatbot. · Polish the conversation flow to ensure that it is consistent with the best practices. · Add more cards to suit consumer needs from different credit card issuers. Out of Scope · Use of JavaScript because the .NET client library needed for Dialogflow cx was not up to date. · Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Dependencies Type Description Constraints The biggest constraint is gathering the credit card information to present to the customers on the website. Other constraints can be budget, time, and manpower. Assumptions An assumption is that chatbot will be ready when the website goes live. Another assumption is that we use the type of technologies used to develop a website for this chatbot unless stated elsewhere. Risks A risk that is always there is if the project can be delivered within the given time and budget because we will never know until we start testing the chatbot and if there might be additional requirements later. Dependencies One dependency is the project sponsor who funds the project. Another dependency is the availability of technology and the qualified resources. If this project requires resources to work from one place like an office then situations like covid can affect the timeline of the project. Deliverables Deliverable # Description 1 Include the dashboard (requirements) 2 Include reports (if any) 3 Email alerts Impacted Applications Deliverable # Description 1 Rich Text Responses - Dialogflow cx does not have the capacity to provide rich text responses as it does not have a fulfillment library for node js. 2 3 Acceptance criteria ID Criteria A1 Given the finished website to a user, when the customer searches for a credit card, then the system has to present the customer with the right credit card offers. A2 Given the finished website to a user, when the customer starts navigating the website, then the system has to be intuitive to use and not confusing. Stakeholders < At a minimum this section should include the requestor and/or the users impacted. > Stakeholders Name Requester Credit Card Users Product Owner Impacted Business Users Bank Customers Other Requirements Business Requirements ID Business Requirements Affected System(s) BR1 The system should be able to store all the credit card information and be able to use it based on the user’s input. Service System BR2 The system should be fully functional and be able to take in input and give out an output. Service System Solution Requirements ID Solution Requirements Type Sub-Type (if applicable) Affected System(s) SR1 Provision of rich text responses Functional Requirements Service System SR2 Conversations Flow Non-functional Service System Supporting Information < Include additional information from Quality Center (QC) or other sources that would be useful to developers and testers. Reference QC defect numbers; link to QC defect. Include screen shots or screen mock ups in this section with references to your requirements.> Amanda- Technology changes rapidly due to the availability of developers all over the world (Koch, & Guceri-Ucar, 2017). System developers should choose technology that is compatible with other technologies to avoid application development disruptions. Appendix Glossary of Terms and Acronyms <Define all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the document. List terms and acronyms in alphabetic order. > Term/Acronym Definition A1 Acceptance criteria 1 A2 Acceptance criteria 2 AI Artificial intelligence Assumptions The notion that something will have to happen, but there is uncertainty BR1 Business requirement 1 BR2 Business requirement 2 ChatBot Artificial intelligence software is capable of simulating a conversation using natural language. Constraints Restrictions or limitations that prevent the accomplishment of the set objectives or goals. Deliverables The quantifiable outcomes that are expected to be provided upon the project completion Dependencies The activities or tasks which can commence after completion of the preceding tasks. Dialogflow CX A virtual agent used to translate end-user texts to structured data during a conversation. In scope Activities and responsibilities that are planned for during project development. JavaScript A text-based programming language used to develop web pages. Node js It is an interpreter that allows programmers to use JavaScript for developing websites. Out scope Responsibilities and activities that fall outside the project deliverables. Risk The uncertainty that there can be a deviation from the expected outcome or results. SR1 Solution requirement 1 SR2 Solution requirement 2 Webhooks Allows programs to communicate with each other.
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