What Do The Body Paragraphs In A Comparative Essay Do? They Persuade The Readers To The Writer’s Point Of View.

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What do the body paragraphs in a comparative essay do?

  • They persuade the readers to the writer’s point of view.
  • They summarize the main idea and give an overview.
  • They include details and examples supporting the thesis statement.
  • They conclude the essay and restate the thesis statement.

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What do the body paragraphs in a comparative essay do?

Answer: They include details and examples supporting the thesis statement.

When writing a comparative essay, you should include a body paragraph for each point you will compare and contrast.

In the first body paragraph, you should include details and examples for Point A.

In your second body paragraph, you would discuss Point B.

You can write two body paragraphs or more if you have enough information to support two different points or you could write one longer body paragraph that includes details and examples for both points.

You should include a transition word or phrase, such as "similarly," to lead into your second body paragraph. You might also include a sentence that summarizes the information contained in both body paragraphs so far at the end of this section.

For example:

In my first body paragraph, I discussed Point A and provided details and examples to support my claim. In my second body paragraph, I will discuss Point B and provide details and examples to further develop the argument.

How to start writing body paragraphs in comparative essays

There are several ways of starting a comparative essay body paragraph. Here are a few examples:

  1. In my opinion, [Insert Point A], [Insert Point B].
  2. While [Point A] and [Point B] both have similarities...
  3. On the one hand, we have [Insert Point A]. On the other hand, we have [Insert Point B].
  4. There are several similarities between [Insert Point A] and [Insert Point B]. First, I will discuss [Point A1]. Second, I will talk about [Point A2].
  5. In this paragraph, I am going to discuss the similarities between Point A and Point B.
  6. While my essay is primarily focused on comparing and contrasting the differences between Point A and Point B, it is important to note that there are also some similarities.
  7. The similarity between these two points is...
  8. There are also a few key differences between Point A and Point B. One such difference would be...
  9. Another point of comparison is...

Body paragraphs in a comparative essay either focus on one of the two things being compared or contrast how they are alike and different.

The body paragraphs of a comparative essay should include:

  • Comparison between two subjects.
  • Comparison of differences and/or similarities

Body paragraphs in comparative essays should be well developed with relevant details, examples, explanations, all providing support for the thesis statement. The length of your body paragraphs will vary depending on how much information you have to include. Each essay body paragraph should also have its own topic sentence and concluding sentence.

The following compare and contrast examples show how to organize details in a body paragraph:

  1. Both apples and oranges are delicious, colorful fruits.
  2. Night and day each have unique characteristics that make them different from one another. Nighttime is dark and quiet while daytime has bright sunlight and more activity.
  3. Humans and dolphins both live in water but feed on different types of food: humans eat plants and other animals, whereas dolphins feed on fish and squid.


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Answer: The body paragraphs in a comparative essay include details and examples that support the thesis statement.


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