Money Back Guarantee - Tutlance Marketplace Refund Policy

At, funds can be accessed by the expert only when the work has been completed and you have approved the answers.

The funds requested when accepting a particular bid and when retrieving the uploaded work will be securely stored on your Tutlance Escrow account until the work has been approved.

All the funds paid for any particular order are fully refundable until you approve the work or 7 days have passed after the answer was attached by the expert.

Any funds paid as 'order upgrade' or 'marketplace fees' is not available for refund in any given case.

To claim a refund with only deposit paid:

  1. Go to the question’s page and create a dispute,
  2. The expert is notified and allowed to chat with you,
  3. Dispute is resolved and funds returned to your escrow account,
  4. You can use the funds to hire another expert or withdraw the funds,
  5. To withdraw the funds, go to the TRANSACTIONS Page, click on WITHDRAW and submit a request,
  6. The request will be processed and the transfer will be effected.

Please note that any withdrawn funds can take up to 7 days to reach your bank account.

What happens after a dispute?

Once an order has been disputed and amount credited back to your account, the expert has the freedom to use any completed work as they deem appropriate including but not limited to posting the work as tutorial for sale on Tutlance and other auction sites.

How do I receive my money back after a successful dispute?

Tutlance WILL NOT directly refund the money to your paypal, credit card, or bank. Instead, the funds are returned to Tutlance escrow from where you can withdraw the funds or use the funds to hire other experts on the website.

  • To withdraw the funds, go to the TRANSACTIONS Page (when logged in to your client account), click the WITHDRAW button on the top right hand side (next to the balances) and submit a request. The funds will be credited to your fund source in 7 business days.