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I am Oliver. I started freelancing as a Computer Science graduate. I currently hold 3 titles: Statistician, Data analyst and programmer (part time). I am highly conversant with JAVA, Python, Machine Learning, PHP, HTML, CSS, Oracle, Mysql, C++, C, C# and many more. As a 'Pro' Level expert, I work with a team of highly qualified experts to deliver outstanding solutions as fast as possible. I can handle a wide array of assignments from dissertation data analysis/statistics/python/Java assignments to more complex AI projects. Choose me for your project and I guarantee amazing results.

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I am an honest homework doer. Will do those assignment for you so that you can have fun or attend to more important tasks. I only work with respecting and well paying clients/students. I am good in tutoring and providing math assignment help, cyber security, data science assignment help, python, java assignment help, C++ programming assignment help, and most assembly languages.

You can pay me to do your homework for you.

Other subjects:

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I am a seasoned Accounting/Finance professional and can help you by providing mentoring services in: . International Financial Reporting Standards . Financial Accounting . Cost Accounting . Financial Management . Performance Management . Business Management & Economics .If you are worried regarding any of the above mentioned subjects , then there is no need to worry. you are absolutely at right place.This is the expert profile where you can get the help you need within the allocated time and A grade work at a reasonable fee.

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I am a recently graduated PharmD student with the 3 years of Python and R programming. I have been involved in various projects with regards to statistical analysis as well as typical programming. I consider myself as a brilliant trouble-shooter and am confident that I can help other experts here...

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Completed Orders 37 Positive Reviews 32

I am certified in various programming languages. I have a strong firm in the fundamentals of computer science. I have more than two years of experience in making computer science assignments. My expertise is in data structure, algorithms, c, cpp, java and python. You can reach me for other subjects like DBMS, OS and computer networknetworks

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Completed Orders 31 Positive Reviews 30

Hi. I 'm ProfGecss and I have been a tutor for over 8 years. I excel in Physics, Microsoft Excel, networking, mechanical engineering, math, research paper, and Computer Science. I have the ability to complete assignments / projects within the time given. My quality work has given me 98% return rate of clients.

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Completed Orders 23 Positive Reviews 21

I am a proficient math homework doer. I will do your math assignments fast and efficiently. I am good at what I do. Hire me to do all your math assignments, take online math classes for you, do your online exams/tests.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 0

Get answers within the deadline, adhere to rubric and excellent grammar. Highly experienced in Marketing and Communication, Nursing, Sociology and Psychology, Religious studies and Philosophy, History, Criminal Justice, , Music and Arts, Theater and Filming, English & Literature, Geography, Art work analysis; Research Proposals and Thesis Dissertations among others. Contact me for A++ Grades. 100% Original Content

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Completed Orders 14 Positive Reviews 13

Ask For help with all engineering homework assignments. Hire me for the best grades.

I can help with maths, statistics, calculus, physics, engineering dissertations, engineering homework projects, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and many more.

Mode of work:Since I am now a freelance engineering writer, I don't work alone. I manage a group of 10 engineering writers. They allow me to help students taking various engineering degrees. Please note that I review all their work before sending to my clients. Due to this, here are some of types of engineering we offer help in: Mechanical Engineering,Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Soil Engineering, Management Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering,Geospatial Engineering, among others

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Software programming tutor, I have over nine years programming experience in OOP languages like C#,Java,C++,PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications. I also have alot of experience in database administration and optimization with over nine years experience in my SQL, SQL server, Oracle, postgresql, msaccess

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Completed Orders 14 Positive Reviews 13

I am a professional statistician for hire. Hire me to do data analysis, data science homework, R/SPSS Homework assignments, and college statistics homework projects.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 0

Dear esteemed customers,
I am an experienced Java developer. I will help you write Java programming homework assignments in the shortest time possible. Pay me to help with Java assignments and get 100% working program. I am waiting for your order now.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 1

Mathematics is my passion. I will help with all you math assignments from simple algebra assignments to complex python exams.
I can do math tests, exams, and whole online course for you.

Career and Education Background I am a trained math teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience.

Other Work I can Help: Physics, High school level essay and research writing, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Trigonometry, among others.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 0

I am a retired math tutor. I will help you with all math homework assignments. I am also a reputable math homework doer who will not disappoint you. Hire me today and get an A or B.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 0

Let me help you with computer science homework assignments at an affordable rates.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 1

I will help you write all your academic papers to perfection. I have been writing essays, research papers, Term papers for over 10 years. Hire me to write your essays or do academic work for you now!

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 0

I am a mathematician with years of experience in teaching a wide range of subjects including: Statistics, Numerical analysis, College Algebra. Currently, I am working online helping students like you learn maths.
I will help with SPSS assignments, R Programming, Python Assignments, and general maths. I will give you an A.
Hire me if you are looking for outstanding work. My rates are neither high nor low. I price the tasks based on the amount of work, deadline, and the desired grade.
Whether you are looking for R studio, SPSS, Matlab, Sage 50, SAS, python, or any math programming assistance, chat with me and I will help.
I also do some research and essay work but confirm with me before you assign the task... I am not the type of an expert who disappoints.

Education: I have Bachelor of science in Education (Mathematics, physics, chemistry), Msc. Statistics, Postgraduate Diploma in Statistical Science.

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Completed Orders 0 Positive Reviews 1

I am a computer engineer and Java expert, also have great abilities on coding. I know Android, Kotlin, Android Jetpack Libraries. Also use Python, Css, HTML. I'm a lifetime learner with great willing. I can do your homeworks, assignments easily, and you can get high points from these works. Lets do it.

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Completed Orders 10 Positive Reviews 8

I am Assistant professor in private Engineering College in Mathematics Department. I have done Master degree in Mathematics from IIT Delhi in 2013. i have worked as a freelance subject matter expert during this period i have solved some book's unsolved questions. I have taught home tuition to 10th, 12th and under graduate student for 4 years

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Completed Orders 6 Positive Reviews 6

I have done MCA and MBA having the experience of 20 years in providing the best solutions with proven track record of technical contribution and appreciated for leadership in enhancing team productivity, deliverable quality, and customer satisfaction. Expertise in providing the solution in Computer Science, ProofReading, Management, Accounting, English and Maths. 100% satisfactory answers. Exposure to E-Commerce Technologies. Worked on Various Technologies. I had worked with various reputed organizations/MNC and worked with reputed clients like ETS, Pearson, Campus Management Corporation etc.

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Completed Orders 6 Positive Reviews 3

How to become an online tutor at Tutlance

So you want to become an online tutor? Well, do not worry because it is not as difficult as people think. This article will help guide you through the process of becoming a online tutor and making money doing something that you love!

Becoming an online tutor at Tutlance - one of the best tutoring websites online - is an easy process as long as you have all the requirements . To get started, you should have a stable internet connection and computer. In terms of knowledge, all you need to know are the required courses for your desired tutoring subject.

In order for us here at Tutlance to approve your application, you must meet the following requirements below:

  • Must be 21+ years of age or older
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required
  • You must have both an email and mobile phone number to sign up
  • Use of audio/video equipment (webcam) is not required but preferred if you are comfortable using one.
  • Fluency in spoken and written english.
  • Upload a resume, college certificate, Profile picture, and identity documents on your profile page. We will review these profiles carefully so make sure they are good!

If all those requirements are met, feel free to click "become a tutor" on our home page. Fill out the required information and wait for us to review your account! We will let you know within 1-3 days if we accept your application.

If accepted, congratulations! You are now an online tutor! Make sure to read through all of the Tutlance articles that can help you prepare for your first session. If there is anything else you need help with, read on to learn more about the available tutoring positions.

What is online tutoring?

Tutoring is working with someone one-on-one to help them better understand a subject they are struggling in. This might be something like math, science, or language arts subjects. A lot of people that want to become tutors have experience tutoring their friends and family members and find it extremely rewarding.

Online tutoring is just like any other kind of tutoring, except instead of meeting face-to-face at someones house or office, you meet through an online video chat program, like Tutlance video tutoring software.

So now that we know how to become an online tutor!

If you are interested in becoming an online tutor there are a few things that will help your application process go much smoother. Most importantly, having experience tutoring others will greatly increase your chances of being accepted as an online tutor because this demonstrates your ability to work with students and be effective in teaching them.

Online tutors should have good communication skills because this is what keeps students engaged and committed to learning! This means having a friendly tone throughout video chats that engages students, asking questions to understand any misconceptions, breaking down key concepts into smaller steps, and making sure students are doing their homework assignments.

Of course it makes sense that online tutors need access level technology because most companies use Tutlance software for online tutoring . Having an up-to-date computer with a reliable internet connection is the most important thing, but having good quality equipment like microphones and webcams can also be really beneficial. Make sure you have coaching software installed before applying for jobs because this will give you an edge over other applicants!

If you are not sure about your technology skills just check out some tutorials on YouTube that help you with installing Tutlance software or building your own computer.

While online tutoring is a great job for students, it is also important to know the steps in finding an online tutor job.

Before you can be accepted for a tutor position at Tutlance, you will need to upload identification documents, college certificates, fill in your profile and verify your identity.

There are many different factors that influence how quickly companies respond so do not get discouraged if it takes longer than expected. Make sure you learn more about our company culture and what sets us apart from other online tutoring companies!

When you finally get the call to come in for an interview, make sure to do some research beforehand about the company and what tutors do.

Why you should become an online tutor:

If you enjoy working with people and having a positive impact on them, this is definitely the job for you. You could work as little or much as you want since sessions can be scheduled at just about any time that works best for both parties. There is no need to commute during busy rush hour times and there is also no office politics involved! All you need is a laptop, wifi connection, and/or cell phone to get started.

General requirements of becoming an online tutor

A bachelor degree is usually required to become an online tutor, but some positions may not require that you have one. If your position requires a degree then it should be stated in the job posting. A grad degree is helpful but not necessary.

There are different ways to become an online tutor. Many positions require experience, so it would be beneficial to have some background of tutoring before applying for the position. Online tutoring services are usually recorded and being able to provide proof of past work will definitely increase your chances of getting the job!

The last thing to understand about becoming an online tutor is that there are several online tutoring websites like Tutlance that offer this service. To begin, Click here to get started with tutor account application process.

That is pretty much what you need to know before starting your new career as a an online tutor at Tutlance!

If you have any questions or remarks use the contact form to reach out to our tutor support team.

To apply to become an online tutor with Tutlance tutoring website, Click here to get started.