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Additional Instructions:
CSI Photography Impression Evidence Workshop Workbook The case of Richard Sole IntroductionItems for Skills Portfolio: Completed Workbook Photographic Log Reflective Feedback Scene Examination Forms Learning Outcomes: • Demonstrate competency through the description of the casting footwear mark and tyre mark impressions and detailing the recovery procedures in a forensic investigation. • Demonstrate competency through the description and detailing of the procedures for the use of ESLA in the recovery of impressions potential evidence in a forensic investigation. • Demonstrate the safe preparation and use of silicon casting materials of mark impression potential evidence from scenes of incidents, through the description and detailing of the procedures used in a forensic investigation. Graduate Skills. Recording information Following instructions Communicate findings in a written format. Forensic Photography Researching specific forensic related topics This workbook comprises of a sequence of 5 processes that are regularly used by CSI’s in the operational environment. Together, they are intended to provide you with the opportunity to develop your underpinning knowledge, and to hopefully embed the methods in your memory, so that you can properly detail the recording and collection of tool-mark, footwear and tyre related potential evidence found at scenes of incidents. Information for Scene Report and Notes Use the following information to help you to complete your scene examination form including the MO, your scene notes. Use each of the activities demonstrated as though it were you carrying out the activity and each activity therefore provides a piece of potential evidence to be included in your scene examination report and notes Crime Number: 162121 Location: 1 College Drive, Caller: Mr Richard Sole Burglary occurred overnight. Forced entry gained via rear ground floor kitchen window using unknown instrument. Climbed in, tidy search, stole laptop and mobile phone. Ex/En. Footwear mark in flower bed below window POE. Footwear mark in dust on window ledge POE. Tool marks on window point of entry. Demonstrations Task 1 - Recovery of a footwear impression in Snow Watch the YouTube videos on the recovery of a footwear mark in snow ( https://www.youtube.com/wantch?v=5OeqF2klF1g and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60dLgWfDV8I ). Make notes on the overall activity, how and why particular elements of the procedure seem to be needed to maximise the evidential potential of the mark. Carry out some research yourself of how the casting of footwear and tyre impressions are generally carried out in normal dry conditions and compare and contrast the techniques used, highlighting and 2 key aspects that could go wrong with the procedures and how to minimise the chances of them happening. Remember, the cast plus the debris lifted at the time of recovery need to be allowed to dry for at least 48hours before fully packaging and sending, as they are, to forensic service provider or inhouse impressions specialist! Student Notes: Student Notes: Task 2 - ESLA Watch the YouTube video of how ESLA (Electrostatic Lifting Apparatus) is used to recover footwear marks detected as scenes of incidents ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-bxOYL7ppk ). You should make notes in the “Student Notes” box below, detailing the procedure in detail, the how and why of different aspects, to ensure that the potential evidence is captured, recorded and retained for later sending to a forensic provider for further examination at a later date. This should help to embed the information, which you will need later this year and also in your final UG year. Please note, there is a high risk of electrocution if the equipment is not used correctly or treated with due respect, which you should comment on in your notes Student notes: Student notes: Task 3 - Tool mark casting kits Watch the YouTube videos of the recovery of a toolmark using Isomark ™ and Miikrosil. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNf0IU1g51g and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD-KSGDFX_g ) IsoMark - Detail and record the process in the notes section below Student notes: Mikrosil – Detail and record the process in the notes section below Student notes: Within your scene notes, you will need to include a sketch of where you have recovered the items of potential evidence from. Use the following locations for your recoveries: Footwear Cast Process – Flower Bed directly below window POE ESLA Lift Process - Windowsill, inside window POE Toolmark Cast Process - Inside surface of window frame, Window POE as indicated below. · On your scene report record the mark in an appropriate way imagining it is on the point of entry. The are of the window frame where the cast comes from 1.58m from floor. View from inside of P.O.E Measurement to floor is 1.23m Kitchen floor Knowledge Check Questions: How would you package a plaster cast impression? Answer: What would you do with an ESLA impression prior to storage and how would you package an ESLA? Answer: What other technique could be used after ESLA on paper? Answer: When should prints not be taken of suspects shoes? Answer: What should tool marks be examined for prior to casting? Answer: Fingermark Recovery Activity Crime Number 22021 Learning Outcomes: • Apply research methods to develop knowledge and understanding of how latent ridge detail is enhanced using fingerprint powders and chemicals to assist in maximising the recovery of ridge detail through the selection of the most suitable methods to use in/on given substrates, materials and situations. • Demonstrate ability to correctly identify and document the appropriate selection of methods and usage for given situations in a concise and precise manner. Items for Skills Portfolio: · Completed Scene Examination form and associate notes, sketch, images, etc. · Completed Activity Workbook · Completed Reflective Feedback Form · Complete an image Critique on the image of you developed fingermark Graduate Skills. Accurate recording of information. Time management Research skills Communicating findings Please observe the demonstration on powdering technique. Overnight a burglary has occurred at the address of 10 College Drive, the home address of Miss Deme-Noir POE is a lounge window which has been forced open using a screwdriver and offender has climbed in, searching the room and stealing a tablet and smart phone, exit as entry. Task 1. 1. At the scene of an incident a police officer comes across an envelope and piece of white paper that has been ripped in half but only part way (3/4) through. The complainant at the scene told the PC attending that the piece of paper and envelope, as far as they know now, is nothing to do with anyone at their address. 2. Research and identify the most appropriate fingerprint powder you would use to search for and to visualise any latent prints that may be located on it. 3. Concisely explain the ways and means you would expect to use to recover fingermarks found on using magnetic powder? Task 2. Fingermark Development options · Research the different types of fingerprint powders and methods used by CSI’s to develop, visualise, and recover latent marks at scenes · Using your knowledge of what substrates and situations are suitable for the use of fingerprint powdering techniques, choose a different item and select an appropriate method, the equipment used and approach required for examining the following types of substrates: · Smooth, non-porous, shiny substrate · Rough/Textured non-porous substrate · Rough/Textured porous substrate · Smooth porous substrate · Detail your choices in the boxes below: Item Method of Development of Ridge Detail. Recovery Method Task 3 Consideration of chemical treatment vs powders The following items have been identified as having been handled by a burglar at a burglary at 10 College Drive. You are required to decide what you consider is the best method to examine for potential ridge detail from each item. Complete the table below indicating the associated enhancement procedure you would recommend for each. Item Method of ridge detail development Torn open envelope Leather purse Roll of plastic bin bags Plastic handled screwdriver Feel free to provide any additional supporting material you might have sourced or used to carry out these activities. Remember, this booklet and the other supporting materials associated with the activity should be included in your CSI e-portfolio as a piece of evidence of your learning. 1
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