3 Photo Critiques

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Question: 3 Photo Critiques

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Need to have knowledge about photography ( able to use technical terms to describe a picture on the good and bad points ). There is an example under the files

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CSI & Image Processing Robert Kendall No. 7. Rifle ammunition – 8 rounds in side-profile. Subject Rifle ammunition – 8 different rounds, in side-profile, to illustrate differences in case and bullet materials, case length and bullet shape. Critique The photograph was framed to "show off" different rounds of the same caliber, which I believe this does so quite well and with even borders. However, the right most round is slightly out-of-alignment with the rest, ideally they should all have been equidistant and aligned both horizontally and vertically for best effect. The image is sharp, that is to say the subject matter is well defined, but there is an impression of being slightly "soft". This was deliberate, though, and was created by reducing the amount of light emitted by the integrated flash unit, by 1-stop, coupled with a self-made light diffuser made from white muslin cloth. By doing this, the muslin assisted in reducing shadow cast by softening the emitted light from the flash, which would have otherwise caused a harsh light to be emitted by the flash unit over the subject at full strength. Without diffusion this would “burn” the highly reflective metal surfaces (cause very bright reflection), making the areas where this happened appear very “white” and therefore “burned”. It is impossible to recover this sort of lost information by post processing. Depth-of-field was considered before taking the shot and turned out on completion to be appropriate in this instance. It was intentionally made shallow, for this desired outcome, as there is only a small amount of depth (from the background surface to the top face of the round as viewed) to the ammunition, nor, as a consequence, any background to either show or obscure. Contrast between the subject (the 8 rounds) and the pale, neutral background, helps to show the subject off reasonably well. This was, again, intentional, to allows the range of different colours of the rounds to be shown off to good effect. It does not really highlight any one casing, save perhaps the dark-Grey one 2nd from the right. Other coloured backgrounds were tried, however, they did not, to my eye, create the intended outcome as well as the chosen one. The photograph required extra care in setting up to avoid reflective glare from the flash and room lighting from the surfaces (e.g. nickel-plated drill round, third in from right). Time was also taken to set the subject items up to best effect (even spacing and good alignment – with exception of bullet on far right) using a small amount of adhesive material to hold each round in its allocated space. A photographic scale was used for this photograph as the intention is to show the different dimensions of the selection of rounds off when compared with one and other rather than to demonstrate actual size differential. Retrospectively, to improve this image, I could have perhaps sized the rounds in an increasing order of size, taken more care and precision in setting the distances up between each of the rounds and/or used a colour order, light to dark, to enhance the visual effects. Also, as the camera built in flash was used, it has caused a very slight and light shadowing effect around each of the rounds. To completely eliminate this, I could perhaps have used a light box with diffused light from different directions, which might create a more defining effect on each of the rounds. But, overall, I am quite happy with the image produced.
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Please find attached the completed work. Best Regards

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Good structure and it is on time

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