Anova On Excel Using Hypothesis Testing Procedure

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Anova On Excel Using Hypothesis Testing Procedure

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turning on developer mode on excel and then using excel add-ins data analysis to solve the hypothesis testing. Use the 5-step hypothesis testing procedure. The assignment must be done by the data analysis package.Type in correct answer where there is a "?" And calculate in EXCEL where there are "0.00" : column Total, n, Column Mean

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Sheet1 Name: Sierra Yetto Due Date: 9/27/22 class time: 12pm Directions: Calculate the sample statistics under the RESULTS column where yellow is. "Count" is given as an example. Instructions for Results column: 1. open this excel file, put all calculations under RESULT column. 2. Start every excel calculation with = then type the function, then parenthisis around the range of data. 3. Use excel function to calculate average, median, mode, max, min, stdev., percentile 4. Write symetric or skewed depending on average and median results 5. Write mean or mode or median depending on average and median results 6.For range: curser must be in cell where result of calculation. Begin with = MAX CELL -MIN CELL 7. =PERCENTILE.EXC (select range of data, .25). 8. =PERCENTILE.EXC (select range of data, .75). 9. Format all results to one decimals and due date format to date in number group. 10. Please submit in blackboard in Excel format (no pdf or screen shots format) 11. All results under RESULT column. Employee Salary (data) Smith 60 Brown 75 Cortez 32 Frank 20 Keller 20 Berman 25 Jones 15 e.puentes: e.puentes: RESULTS Assessment Class points 7.00 Count (n) or sample size 1 5 35 AVERAGE (MEAN) 1 5 25 MEDIAN 1 5 20 MODE 2 5 Skewed From the mean, median, mode state shape of distribution (symetric, skewed): 2 5 Median Which statistic best represents central tendency of the data (mean, mode, median): 1 75 MAX 1 5 15 MIN 1 5 23 STDEV (s) 2 5 60 RANGE 1 5 20 25% PERCENTILE.EXC 1 5 60 75% PERCENTILE.EXC Sheet2 Sheet3



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