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C++ OOP Vehicle Management Program (Beginner)

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You want to create a program for the Federal Motor Transport Authority to store the data of vehicles. Write a C++ program based on object-oriented principles that covers at least the following situation. The following data of each vehicle is stored in the system: Number plate Year of first registration Year of general inspection The current year is 2022. If the difference between the current year and the year of the general inspection is greater than 3, then the general inspection is due. In addition, there should be the following three subclasses, which inherit the data members from the vehicle class. The following derived classes have additional information: Car: Horse power Emission class [0-low-emission, 1-normal, 2-diesel] Motorbike: Horse Power Maximum speed Truck: Number of axles Payload in ton Each derived class should contain be a member function getTaxLiability, which returns the following: Calculation of the tax liability according to the following formulas: Car: (Horse Power + 99) / 100 * 10 EURO * (emission class + 1) Motorbike: (Horse Power + 59) / 100 * 20 EURO * (maximum speed / 150) Truck: payload * 50 EURO per ton When the program starts, the "database" of the vehicle management system is empty, the data must first be entered. The data must only be available during runtime (no permanent storage necessary!). Task: Vehicle management for a maximum of 100 vehicles (can be either a Car, Motorbike or Truck) Create a program with a menu that covers the following situation: • Creating a new vehicle • Search for a vehicle based on the entered license plate number and return all relevant vehicle data (including the liability and the information of the derived class) • Listing of all stored vehicle data and the liability • Listing of all vehicles, which general inspection is due • Program exit If necessary (creation, search, and so on), corresponding messages are to be displayed. Permanent storage of the data is not required. The data must only be available at the runtime of the program. Use comments in the source code to document your program.
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