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Question: Can Someone Do Me My Political Science Exam

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need help for an online exam 90 mins long 14 questions to answer down there is more or less what the exam is about and attached are some old questions from an exam Applying (e.g. democratic criteria and authoritarian characteristics to assess a country; median voter theorem, political system models to explain riots, populism…) o Interpreting (e.g. electoral results due to electoral systems (majority vs. proportional voting system); policy measures according to their ideological patterns (e.g. emancip. Vs. Anti-emancip.) …) o interrelating ( e.g. Input-Throughput-Output legitimacy by F. Scharpf and constitutional theories (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau); median-voter-theorem and political system theory by D. Easton; populism and electoral systems or models of representation or median-voter-theroem; … o and comparing theoretical concepts and models with each other (e.g. constitutional theories, electoral systems, models of representation,
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Question 1: Governance systems a) What is the difference between a parliamentary and a presidential system accord- ing the roles of the head of state, head of government and the parliament? [5 pt.] b) Discuss the Pro ́s and Con ́s of parliamentary vs. presidential systems from a democratic perspective: Question 2: Political polarization a) Interpret the figure below on polarization in the US: How does the median-voter-theorem help you to explain AND measure polarization throughout the electorates?
(see the figure below as an example for polarization in the US) a) How does populism effect the elections of a society? [5 pt.] Question 3: Democratic voting a) Explain the reasons behind each of the 5 principles of democratic voting: b) India's parliament has passed a Citizenship Amendment Bill by December 11th 2019 which provides Indian citizenship to non-Muslim irregular immigrants from three neighbouring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, staying in India for more than 11 years already. Answer following question: “which principle of democratic voting is violated as Citizenship is the precondition to be allowed to take part at an elections? Question 4: Models of representation: a) Order the 4 models of representation:“Trustee”,“Delegate”,“Mandate”and “Resemblance” according to their level of match with democratic principles (“1” = best and “4” = worst). Justify your answer: b) Which model of representation fits better into the concept of populism? Justify your answer: Question 5: Political Parties a) Argue on the importance and the role of political parties according to the Political-Systems-Model by David Easton: b) Explain how the chances to gain seats in national elections of a (1) regional far right party and (2) a left environmental party differ in majority and proportional voting systems. Justify your answers. Question 6: Legitimacy a. Explain the meaning of the two terms “Legitimacy” and “Legality” b.Discuss how theorists of constitutional theory – Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau – are arguing on how a political system should be legitimated. Consider the 3 sources of legitimacy as defined by Scharpf: Input – Throughput – Output-Legitimacy: Question 7: Assign following political measures to tackle climate change to the main ideological ideas - Liberalism, Conservatism or Socialism - and justify your respective answers: a) “State aid to support the development of renewable fuels like hydrogen” b) “Increase taxes on non-renewable fuels like Diesel and Petrol”
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