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Additional Instructions:
Better Health Association The Situation The Better Health Association is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling, and detection screening program.  They seek to serve audiences of all ages and socioeconomic levels to learn about living a healthy lifestyle and developing the skills needed to make healthy choices - to prevent disease and ameliorate conditions for those already afflicted with illnesses. Much of this work is done in evening seminars held at libraries, schools, and city buildings for a very reasonable fee - far less than what a typical health care consultant would charge. In very poor areas, the fee is waived. From time to time, private companies hire a representative from Better Health to conduct info-sessions for their employees, usually in conjunction with internal company health drives. In addition to its several awareness and training initiatives, Better Health also offers other services to various populations. One such effort is its "Operation Revitalize," where it takes donated items such as jump ropes, bicycles, weights, treadmills, trampolines, etc., repairs them, and resells the items at low cost to individuals and families, or even to other organizations such as orphanages and homeless shelters. Like many nonprofits, Better Health often works with other institutions to realize its mission to help improve the lives of people across Central Ohio. Hospitals and doctors’ offices often refer low-income patients to Better Health for extra help and resources. Better Health is well known throughout the greater Central Ohio area and enjoys a positive reputation for its services. True to its reputation, Better Health of Central Ohio is viewed by most people in the community in a very positive light. Better Health of Central Ohio has a board of directors with a president of the board, an executive director or president of the agency, and department directors who supervise separate areas, each with varied numbers of employees or volunteers. The list of (department) directors and employees in their departments can be seen below. Tom Ingram was the executive director of Better Health Association of Central Ohio. He knew that although the organization was doing good things for people in the region, it was in weak financial shape. For 15 years, Better Health of Central Ohio did little more than break even, holding next to nothing in financial reserves. Moreover, the board of trustees had been content with the status quo for years. Tom saw that a strong fundraising campaign would likely go a long way toward helping shore up the organization's reserves. His new ideas were backed by the board. With few company resources available, Tom worked hard on the fundraising goal. However, Tom did not involve the others in much planning or leadership. Tom was likable but operated in a way that left the others working below their abilities. Nevertheless, with the help of the directors and mostly part-time staff, Tom worked diligently for five years in an effort to stabilize the financial security of Better Health of Central Ohio. At the end of that time, Tom was proud to have led the effort to raise more than a million dollars in reserve, vastly improving the organization's financial health. Soon after attaining this goal, however, Tom suddenly decided to accept a new, higher-paying position with a different organization. This was an unexpected move that left Better Health of Central Ohio in a temporary bind until a suitable replacement could be found. After a thorough search, Charles Jensen was selected as the new executive director. Charles's background included a long and successful career in the for-profit sector, as well as experience leading other nonprofit organizations. Organizational Employees Charles Jensen - Executive Director Charles has enjoyed a 25-year career in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. As Executive Director, he is committed to leading Better Health of Ohio's growth plan, providing fiscal and organizational oversight. Most recently he served as Deputy Director of the Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies; prior to that he was a senior manager with the American Red Cross. Charles sits on the governing council of the Ohio Public Health Association, and holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Political Science and Public Policy and Management, respectively, from The Ohio State University. Charles is accustomed to thinking in terms of the big picture; specifically in terms of what strategies are most useful in ensuring the long-term health and stability of an organization. He has always had high expectations of his staff and very little patience with excuses. Employee in the executive director's office: Jeff - admin assistant, full-time Erin Juarez- Director of Human Resources    Erin joined Better Health of Ohio 8 years ago. As Director of Human Resources she is responsible for the day-to-day administration of HR services and policies, as well as assisting with hiring management. Prior to BHO, Erin was a benefits administrator at Columbus State Community College, where she also completed her A.S. in Human Resources Management. As an HR director, Erin is a patient, thoughtful resource, and is accustomed to negotiating workplace conflicts and providing confidential guidance and support to each member of the staff. Employees in the HR department:       Joan - benefits, full-time Dave - attorney, consultant, part-time Ben Crane - Director of Development    Ben joined BHO 3 years ago, in the midst of the major fundraising effort. After an early career in finance operations at Chase Bank, Ben realized that one of his strengths lies in building relationships with community leaders and advocacy groups. He is primarily responsible for providing leadership, coordination and program development for BHO’s fundraising efforts, and for the development and execution of external affairs strategies. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Rochester. Ben has always been a high achiever and projects a high level of confidence, though at times he can rely too much on feedback from his superiors and his desire for praise for his efforts. Employee in the Development department: Louis - Associate Director of Development, part-time Tracy Kofford - Director of Finance/Operations    Tracy has been with BHO for 5 years. She is responsible for leading all aspects of strategic and organizational planning, providing overall financial management for BHO and overseeing the financial and operational activities of the organization. This includes responsibility for accounting, finance, payroll, and risk management. Prior to joining BHO, Tracy worked in the private sector as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley. She holds a B.A. in Economics as well as an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Tracy has always been a go-getter and never backed down from a challenge. Employees in the Finance/Operations department:          Marie - accounts, part-time Rachel - payroll admin, part-time Roger - volunteer Lee Newbold - Director of Client Services    Lee has been a valued member of BHO for 10 years, and he brings more than 30 years of experience in the management of municipal, nonprofit, and private sector entities. Lee manages a full range of administrative, logistical, and operational duties for BHO, from day-to-day operations to long-range budgeting and planning. He oversees the volunteer and intern staff, as well as community outreach liaisons. Employees in the Client Services department:            Julia - intake coordinator, full-time Laura - intake coordinator, volunteer Jake - IT part-time Lucy - volunteer coordinator, part-time Amy Roberts - Director of Marketing    Amy has accomplished a lot in her 8 years as Director of Marketing and Communications. Under her leadership BHO has greatly expanded its digital communications capacity and its web presence to include greater multimedia content, including a strong social media presence, videos, blogs, and podcasts. Amy also oversees BHO’s publications, outreach materials, and media relations. Prior to joining the organization, Amy worked as a marketing manager for the Columbus Art Museum. She is extremely media savvy and always coming up with new ideas and strategies to further BHO’s mission, although sometimes without the resources to accomplish them. Employees in the Marketing department:       Rebecca - admin assistant Margaret - intern, part-time Rollie- volunteer Board Meeting The organization’s most recent board meeting had two critical items on the agenda: an update on the financial reserve status and the official induction of the new executive director. The department directors were invited to the meeting, both to report on the financial status but especially to be congratulated for their untiring efforts. An announcement was formally made that the agency's general operating reserve had passed the million-dollar mark, and the board gave the directors a round of applause. Then, in his formal acceptance remarks, Charles Jensen commended the team for the fine work they and the staff had performed. Each director inwardly basked in the success, pleased that the organization was on firmer financial ground, and happy for what it meant for everyone in the organization. This success, they thought, would ensure the trust of their superiors, as well as their subordinates, and possibly a significant raise. As the board meeting concluded, the directors were feeling quite satisfied with themselves, and imagined that they could enjoy some down time in the weeks ahead. However, once the board members had left the room, Charles asked the directors to stay behind for a few minutes. The directors remained seated, uncertain what was coming but assuming Charles was going to simply offer more positive feedback about their efforts. Charles sat across from them. "How are you feeling?" he asked. Everyone waited for someone else to speak. "I feel great," Ben finally replied. The others nodded in agreement. Charles continued. "From what I have learned, you all have done a lot for the agency. I know it has been well noted in the last couple of hours but I'll say it again: I commend you for your work." "Thank you," Amy said. "It is very satisfying to have worked so hard and to see where we are now compared to where we were five years ago. I mean, we finally made it, you know?" Charles's smile faded. "Made it where?" The five looked at one another. Lee then responded, "To financial security—at least, a lot more security than we ever had before." Charles paused as he eyed the group. "This is what I wanted to talk to you about..." The board held an executive session earlier this week and we have been tasked to develop a five year strategic plan for Better Health that will specifically accomplish the following two mandates: 1. Use the high level of $1,000,000 plus in reserve general funds to grow Better Health and its programs to a significantly higher level of service delivery for the community. 2. Put in writing this plan reflecting year to year, and each year on a quarterly basis, actions and steps that allow the agency to do these following items: a. Expand income from development and fund raising efforts by 25% annually or more than double what is today within five years. b. Increase the scope and level of the delivery of our community services in nutritional counseling, public disease and health detection programs and specific health educational actions by more than double where we are today within five years. c. Reach our stated vision within this five year period. 
Better Health Association of Ohio Organizational Overview Background The Better Health Association has been providing service to the central Ohio community for over 20 years. Historically the organization annually has broken even financially. Over the past five years the organization has realized a significant surplus in operating and reserve funds. This year Better Health saw the surplus grow to over $1,000,000. The overall intent had been to retain this surplus in a manner that promotes responsible growth, improved and continued services to its community. Mission To improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling and detection screening programs. Vision To be the premier provider of state-of-the art health services in the greater central Ohio region. Who We Serve Better Health serves all of the citizens in Central Ohio Program and Services Better Health accomplishes its mission in the following ways through education, counseling and disease detection services: Educational and Counseling Services · Nutritional and Dietary Consultations with registered dietitians · Support groups to support the stabilization of behaviors that impact health outcomes including weight and stress management · Weight management and exercise training programs and equipment Detection and Wellness Services · Disease Detection and Management Services including: Blood pressure checks, cholesterol screening and diabetes tests. · Collaboration with partner organizations to provide community enriched health services. Strategic Goals The following, department specific goals have been identified by the Board of Trustees for the continuation of the organization program expansions to reach and service more or the organization's target populations. This is broken down by agency position. Director of Client Services · Expand public screening of diabetes and cholesterol program by 50% within three years. By offering this at additional locations and larger turnout at existing ones. · Offer high blood pressure detection services beyond current locations into to lower income and rural areas that allows an additional 1,000 individuals to be screened per annum. · Offer health fairs through coordination with new volunteers at all major cities in the greater metropolitan area of ten counties that consists of 1.9 million individuals. · Establish active health support groups (nutritional, diabetes, weight loss) in the nine metro area outlying counties. Work with volunteer coordinator and HR for securing support group leaders. · Expand one-to-one nutritional counseling via a50% increase per annum in clients counseled. · Establish ongoing partnerships with additional six area hospitals to offer weekly weight management classes co-sponsored by Better Health and participating hospital Director of Development · Increase revenue from the three major fundraisers by $240,000 over a two - three year maximum period (“Walk-for-Better-Health”, “Dinner –with-the-Stars”, and “Spring-for-Health- Challenge”. · Generate at least an additional $150,000 from major corporate, general giving and pledges in four years. · Secure foundation grants to underwrite the expansion of health screening and education service growth for support of new outlying association chapters in the surrounding nine metro counties. Director of Marketing · Secure agreements from at least three major area advertising and marketing agencies to underwrite the creation and production of all Better Health special event programs for the next three to four years. · Create an active and positive presence for the agency in state-of-the-art social media venues that results in recruitment and assistance to new clients. Monitor and track results quarterly. · Develop systematic marketing plans that address every operational area of Better Health including client services, all fund raising events and general association promotion in all media venues. Director of Finance/ Operations · Manage the financial growth of the Association with a focus on the next 3-5 years. · Establish an implementation and evaluation system for the monitoring of the Association’s financial performance. · Communicate financial information and reports to all agency directors on their department’s performance · Develops a system that reflects effectiveness and deviations in meeting strategic plan objectives Director of Human Resources · Secure interns to support the director’s goals by program and event. · Recruit and train agency volunteers to ensure the expansion of agency and director strategic/tactical goals. · Oversee all aspects of the hiring of any new staff person necessary for the success of agency goals. Includes: advertising, recruiting, screening and providing overall acclimation to the agency.
PLAN your last name 2 [UPDATE INFORMATION IN RED AND THEN DELETE THE INSTRUCTIONS. REMEMBER TO UPDATE THE COVER PAGE AND HEADER.] Role assigned (check one): ___ Erin Juarez, Director of Human Resources ___ Ben Crane, Director of Development ___ Tracy Kofford, Director of Finance/Operations ___ Lee Newbold, Director of Client Services ___ Amy Roberts, Director of Marketing Better Health Association ____department name____Plan Your name MGMT 312 – XXXX Professor name Month day, year Better Health Association ____department name____Plan Introduction [INSERT AN INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH HERE AND THEN DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION] Better Health Association Mission To improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling and detection screening programs. Better Health Association Vision To be the premier provider of state-of-the art health services in the greater central Ohio region. Strategic Goals for Department Name [COPY THE SECTION OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL REVIEW THAT PERTAINS TO YOUR DEPARTMENT AND THEN DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION] SWOT Analysis for Department Name SWOT Analysis Strengths (internal strengths) Weaknesses (internal weaknesses) Opportunities (external opportunities) Threats (external threats) SMART Goals [CREATE SMART GOALS FOR YOUR DEPARTMENT THAT WILL LIKELY LEAD TO SUCCESS AND THAT MESH WITH THE STRATEGIC DIRECTION OF THE ORGANIZATION. SMART GOALS ARE SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RESULTS-ORIENTED, TARGET DATES. DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION] Tactical Plan for Department Name [DEVISE A TACTICAL PLAN FOR YOUR DEPARTMENT. DESCRIBE HOW YOUR TACTICAL PLAN FITS WITH THE MISSION, VISION, AND STRATEGIC PLAN OF THE ORGANIZATION. BE SURE THAT ALL ACTION ITEMS ARE ADDRESSED IN YOUR PLAN. DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION] Summary [BRIEF SUMMARY OF THIS PAPER – DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION] References [REFERENCES SHOULD BE DOUBLE SPACED, LISTED ALPHABETICALLY, AND USE HANGING INDENTATION) REFER TO THE FRANKLIN STYLE MANUAL AT FOR MORE INFORMATION. THE REFERENCES PAGE IS ALWAYS ON A SEPARTE PAGE. – DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION.] EXAMPLE: Kinicki, A., & Williams, B. (2013). Management: A practical introduction. (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. APPENDICES [IF YOU HAVE APPENDICES TO INCLUDE IN YOUR PAPER, LIST THEM HERE AND DELETE THIS INSTRUCTION. IF YOU HAVE NO APPEDICES, DELETE THIS PAGE]
Purpose To assess your ability to organize in a company. Overview Each of the directors’ tactical plans were reviewed by Charles and revised according to his feedback. Each plan went through two drafts before it received final approval. The task before the directors now was to organize their staff and their resources to begin putting their plans into action. Did each of them have enough people on staff, and were they the right people for the job ahead? Charles set up a weekly meeting with each director to track his or her progress in organizing resources. Action Items Now that your plan has been approved, you will move on to ORGANIZE, assuming the same role within Better Health. 1. Review the Better Health of Central Ohio Case Study, including the Organizational Overview  Download Organizational Overviewand Financial Statement  Download Financial Statementpresented in Better Health Association. 2. For this assignment, you need to perform the following tasks in the template document provided. · Remain in the same role in Better Health Association. · REVIEW the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals. · Describe how your department is organized. · Describe Human Resources needs. · Describe Forces for Change. · Describe Managing Employee Resistance to Change. 3. Download ORGANIZE_template.docx to your computer. 4. Follow the instructions [IN BRACKETS] to complete the template document. Note: In organizing, you want to focus on what personnel (staff, volunteers, interns) will be needed for plan success. What tangible and intangible resources, such as materials, will be needed? What barriers will you need to overcome? How will you organize the staff in your department? What will be qualifications of individuals? 5. Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length, not including any appendices and references you may wish to include. Use APA (Links to an external site.) format in the body and the references of your work. 6. Include a minimum of one reference and citation from your textbook or a scholarly article in your work. ​Note: Web sites are not scholarly articles. 7. Submit the completed first draft of your assignment. Your work will be automatically checked by Turnitin. 8. Access your Turnitin report by reviewing Submission Details for this assignment. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback. 9. By due dated indicated, re-submit the final version of your work. 
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