Cardiovascular Activity Lab Report

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I will create a title based on the activity you decide to conduct. I have included the rubric and requirements for this lab report. My professor is a "by the book" type of grader. He cares less about whether or not the experiment was successful or not, but more about if you're meeting all of the criteria in the rubric accordingly. Feel free to get creative or keep it simple.

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Additional Instructions:
BIO 177 – Health and the Human Body Cardiovascular Lab Report 75 points Due 9:00am 8/13/21 Each scientific literacy “S” course helps students understand the elements of experimental design and what needs to be included in a “good” experiment. It also helps students learn how scientific articles are organized and written. To demonstrate these skills, you are going to design an experiment testing some aspect of cardiovascular function and present your results in the form of a scientific paper (see “How to Write a Lab Report” and “Lab Report Rubric” for more information. Also, look back at the powerpoint “The Scientific Method” from Week #1 for ideas on what should be in a good experiment (ex. a control, replication of experiment, having multiple test subjects). The Set Up: 1. Identify an activity that challenges the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This could be running ¼ mile, doing select yoga positions for a particular period of time, working out on a particular piece of gym equipment, doing so many reps of an action. It shouldn’t be a random activity – you need to set parameters of what gets done, the potential exertion level for your volunteers, the timeframe for exercise, etc. SAFETY ALERT: Do not design a challenge that would possibly result in harm or injury to the people involved in helping you collect data. 2. Design a reasonable hypothesis about what changes you would see in measurable cardiovascular function by doing the activity. · You can easily measure things like heart rate (pulse), blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature, etc.) 3. Identify at least three volunteers willing and physically able to help you with this project. Remember to consider elements of good experimental design. For example, it is unlikely that an 18 year old who is classified as obese, a 30 world-champion marathoner, and a 95 year old person would have the same cardiovascular responses to your challenge. Try to find people who are similar in age and physical ability. 4. Carry out your challenge and collect your data. Then present it in written form using the standard format of a scientific professional collecting primary (your own) data.
BIO 177 – Health and the Human Body Cardiovascular Lab Report Rubric Name__________________________________________________ Title (5) _____Descriptive, includes independent/dependent variable and results 5 _____Somewhat descriptive, missing one element 2 _____Not descriptive, missing two or more elements 0 Introduction (10) _____Includes all key information from class/independent research necessary to 10 understand the experiment, includes hypothesis statement _____Includes some key information 6 _____Missing significant information or absent introduction 0 Methods (10) _____Accurately summarizes all key methods necessary for someone else to repeat 10 the experiment _____Accurate, but somewhat incomplete methods 6 _____Inaccurate, incomplete, or absent methods 0 Results – Text (15) _____Accurately summarizes important raw data for all experiments, reports 15 key trends _____Accurately summarizes some data and key trends, but not all 12 _____Inaccurately summarizes data or missing significant data or key trends 7 _____Inaccurate and missing components or Absent 0 Results – Graphic Representation (10) _____Presents at least one graphic representation of data, accurate title, figure 10 legends, axis labels, appropriate type of graph used (i.e. pie chart, line graph) _____Generally accurate, missing one element above 7 _____Generally accurate, missing two or more elements above 5 _____Inaccurate or Absent 0 Discussion (15) _____Accurate summary and interpretation, clear statement of whether the original 15 hypothesis was supported or falsified, discussion of significance of work, and suggest future experimentation _____Generally accurate, missing one element above 12 _____Generally accurate, missing two or more elements above 7 _____Inaccurate or Absent 0 Literature Cited (5) _____Accurate bibliography and citations throughout the paper 5 _____Missing the bibliography or appropriate citations 2 _____Absent 0 Overall writing style (5) _____Accurate spelling, grammar, well written throughout 5 _____Some inaccuracies throughout 2 _____Needs significant corrections and improvement in style 0 Timely Submission - Due: 8/13/21 9:00a.m. (Note later due date) _____Submitted ontime -0 _____Submitted after 9:00a.m. (As final course grades have to be in soon after this, the penalty for late submission is 25 points for each day/part of day late) -_____ Total Points _____/75

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