Chicago Crimes Analysis

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Chicago Crimes Analysis

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I have an assignment with the following objectives that use SQL, Python, Folium, Choropleth:

  • Use SQL to execute different queries to retrieve data from the Chicago Crime data set and Police Stations data set.
  • Use Geospatial queries to locate police stations and gun-related crimes (with arrests or no arrests) in every district on a Choropleth map.
  • Use Geospatial queries to provide descriptive stats for every district on a Choropleth map.
  • Use Geospatial queries to locate the block that is the furthest (Maximum Distance) from the police station that has gun-related crimes that resulted in an arrest.

The pdf won't upload but basically it uses cursor.execute, folium, choropleth, area, pandas, sql to accomplish the tasks.

This is due midnight CST tomorrow so I would greatly appreciate a tutor who can help!

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