Computer science project report

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Use this link to upload the three project files: Project Report A professional report detailing your activities in the main project sections Describe your application domain, provide business rules and user requirements, a full data dictionary containing the definition of each entity, attribute and relationship, a legible ERD (I should be able to print the ERD and all other diagrams and they should be legible on paper) a relational schema in 3NF (you don't have to show the normalization process), a numbered list of your SELECT statements each containing a description of what the statement is meant to achieve, the statement itself and a screenshot of some of its results. Script File A plain text file that begins with DROP statements, creates your tables and inserts rows into them. I should be able to run this file successfully with no errors (outside of DROP TABLE related errors) SELECT statements A plain text file containing your SELECT statements from (1) above. I will be copying and pasting your statements from this file to test them. Make sure the numbering corresponds with your report. Use SQL comments to label your statements with their number (statement 1, statement 2, etc.) and description.
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