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Computer Security principle and practice by William stallings 4th edition

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Computer Security principle and practice by William stallings 4th edition. need the project done today and it its based mainly on the book mentioned above

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EEGR481 Network Security Fall 2021 Final Project

EEGR481 Network Security
Fall 2021
Final Project
Due date: 12/13/2021

The goal of your project is to try something new, and, perhaps, to contribute something to the field of cryptography. Projects should be done by an individual. And of course, you're encouraged to discuss possible topics with me during office hours. Here are some ideas for getting started on projects:

Select a paper from the cybersecurity literature, implement and test the approach described in that paper.

Take some publicly available code, apply it to an interesting dataset, and explore various extensions and modifications. You may also want to compare two or more systems. Merely running existing code on the data provided by the authors is not sufficient.

Design and implement a solution to a problem that interests you. It is OK to pick a problem related to your dissertation research, but be sure to formulate a clear short-term goal and desired outcome for the class project. Ideally, you should use the class project as an opportunity to try new techniques that you might not consider or have a ch...

Network Security Final Project
Please read each bulletin carefully! The files are attached below. I have provided an example of a paper and how it should be formatted. Write a report that includes: 1. Title 2. Abstract 3. Introduction 4. Methodology 5. Results 6. Conclusions 7. References This project also includes programming, research, implementing a solution to a problem, etc...
Malware Protection Procedure Guide
Create a malware protection procedure guide that includes steps for installing and running anti-malware software. Fill in the following details to develop your procedure guide: 1. Provide a list of approved anti-malware software solutions—include at least three leading antivirus and two anti-spyware products. You may include Microsoft products and third-party products. Instruct users to select one antivirus and one anti-spyware product and install them on their computer. 2. Describe the process of: a. Ensuring anti-malware software and data is up to date. Mandate daily updates. b. Running regular malware scans. Mandate that automatic scans occur whenever the computer is idle. If that setting is unavailable, mandate daily fast scans and biweekly complete scans. 3. Provide steps to follow any time malware is detected. a. Immediate reaction—what to do with current work, leave the computer on or turn it off b. Who to contact c. What information to collect The procedure guide may be used by company security professionals in the future. Hence, all steps listed should be clear and self-explanatory....