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Conceptual Physics Lab Graph Homework

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Labels: There are 5 labels on the graph– title, each axis labeled with quantities & units- all written out and not abbreviated (each is worth 1 point for a total of 5 points). The title should be: Bounce Height vs Drop Height. The y-axis should be: Bounce Height (m or cm or in), and the x-axis should be Drop Height (m or cm or in). Scale: When setting the numerical scale, (1 point off for each axis) if an axis scale (for the data range) will not cover at least half the available space. Each scale should be consistent (½ a point off for each scale inconsistency). If the student has 10 or more inconsistencies, they get no points. This means that if 4 marks = 10 cm, then 3 marks can not equal 10 cm when making the scale. Be consistent. Plot & Line: For each incorrectly placed data point (½ a point off for each). For an inadequate line (2 points off). The line must be drawn with a rule for one straight, smooth best fit line that tries to capture as many data points as possible. Slope: Pick 2 points on the best fit line that will be used to calculate the slope of the line. If no data points are on the line, then draw two points on the line (1 point for each point that is on the line). The two points used to calculate the slope must be labeled with the co-ordinates (1 point for each of these) and these two points have to be circled. Slope: Calculate the correct slope (2 points for the correct answer and 1 point for correct units on the answer). The slope will be less than one, or a fraction that you will convert to a decimal as the answer. For example: 6 Show all work for the slope with the units in the work and on the answer if there are units on the answer (3 points for showing work for the slope). Example: (50cm-20cm)/(90cm-40cm) = 30 cm/50cm = 0.6. Show the original equation for calculating the slope (1 point of for not showing the original slope equation). Example: (Change in Bounce Height)/(Change in Drop Height) = the slope. Questions: Question: Explain what quantity the slope physically represents. (5 points)
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