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Convert C program into MIPS assembly program using MARS4.5

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Hello! ***We can talk about the price!*** This is my first time asking for help on a homework, I am currently in a assembly class and have been struggling to come up with a solution. I am to convert a C program into a MIPS assembly program using MARS4.5. For the sort function, implement whichever sort algorithm you want. The function splits the user inputted string into words and sorts them alphabetically. For example the string "hello world foo bar" will be sorted into "bar foo hello world". I linked the C program in a PDF file. I am more than happy to pay more if the program works. DUE WEDNESDAY 11:00PM PST!
Additional Instructions:
#include #include /** * @brief Function finds locations to chars matching the token in given string, stores in an array of pointers */ void delim(char* str, char token); /** * @brief Function sorts words from given string into alphabetical order */ void sort(char* str, char* loc[], int loc_len); void main() { char str[40]; char* ptr = str; fgets(ptr, 40, stdin); // Read from the console delim(ptr, ' '); printf("\n%s\n", ptr); // Print out string return; } void delim(char* str, char token) { char* loc[40] = { NULL }; // Array of substrings int j = 0; // Number of substrings int length = strlen(str); loc[j] = str; j++; for (int i = 1; i < length; i++) { // Loop cuts up original string into substrings if (*(str + i) == token) // And saves start of each substring into location array { loc[j] = str + i + 1; *(str + i) = '\0'; j++; } } sort(str, loc, j); return; } void sort(char* str, char** loc, int loc_len) { char buffer[40] = { "\n" }; printf("String -1: %s\n", str); // Implement the sort function of your choice for (int i = 0; i < loc_len; i++) // Sort words from the user string into alphabetic order { // Ex: "hello world foo bar" sorts->into "bar foo hello world" printf("String %d:", i); // For debug, remove later printf("%s\n", loc[i]); // For debug, remove later } strcpy(str, buffer); return; }
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