Creating a Visual Basic Web Form that utilizes database information and allows user to edit it.

Code must be grouped and commented.  

Option Strict and Option Explicit must be ON  

ALL controls on the form must be in logical TabOrder using TabIndex in the Properties window for each control.  

Start form must be named default.aspx.

The text property of Labels must be changed so that Label1 (or similar name) does not appear at runtime.  

Data types for variables and constants must be the most efficient.  

Use With..End With if and when appropriate.  

ToolTips to be added to appropriate controls. 

Create a login page as shown below. It is to use the same color scheme as the SalesStaff page.   

1. Include a textbox for an email address, and another for the zip code.   

2. Include validation for the textboxes.   

3. Include a RequiredFieldValidator control for both textboxes.   

4. Use a ValidationSummary control as shown in the image below.   

5. Include a RegularExpressionValidator control to make sure the email address entered by the user is in the correct format.   

6. Use a RangeValidator control to check that the zip code is between 10000 and 99999 (five digit zip code)   

7. Include a login button that will redirect the user to the  Update page after all of the validations have been passed.