dice game

Create a 'dice game'.   

Ask the user how many rolls they want to take.  

Roll two dice and add them together.  the sum should be between 2 and 12. 

Tell the user what the sum of the dice are.   And if one of the following 'annotate the roll'


Please enter the number of rolls of the dice you would like: 9

 Roll # 1; 4 and 3 you got 7

Roll # 2; 6 and 6 you got 12 Box cars

Roll # 3; 2 and 5 you got 7

Roll # 4; 5 and 4 you got 9 - nina

Roll # 5; 4 and 3 you got 7

Roll # 6; 1 and 5 you got 6

Roll # 7; 5 and 3 you got 8

Roll # 8; 3 and 2 you got 5

Roll # 9; 3 and 2 you got 5


 List of annotations:

2 - Snake eyes

9 - nina

12 - Box cars



1) Homework Header with your name in it for student ( with nick name in parentheses)

2) A switch statement

3) use of the rand() function.  

4) seed the random number generator with 623

5) One Discussion question :  How many rolls did it take to get to Snake Eyes?  It this reasonable?  Please put your answer in to the code as comments.  


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