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Assignment 6 - Order Processing

You must provide the following:

1. Problem Statement 

2. Human algorithm 

2. Flowchart (using Visual Logic) (view, create flowchart metafile) .emf

3. An html file with your java script code.

Problem : You have been hired by a retail establishment to process customer orders.  When a customer checks out they will be purchase items that are both taxable and non-taxable.  The tax rate on taxable items is 8%. They want the software to keep track of each type of order to produce the output below.   .

(Important: Your program is keeping a running total of each type item, the person using this isn't adding them up and just giving you the total at the end of the order.  At the end of the order a receipt is provided that will show something similar to the following example information (the numbers here just represent “test” data, any number of items in each type can be purchased:

The below output will be generated by the following 6 test data purchases in this order (again, text data, you program needs to take in any number of items a customer wishes to purchase:

Test data:

$300, no-taxable

$200, taxable

$300, taxable

$100, non-taxable

$200, non-taxable

$100, taxable


Number of Items: 6

Total of taxable items: $600

Total of non-taxable items: $600

Total amount of sales tax charged: $48

Grand Total: $1248 

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