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Email campaign data analysis, report and feedback.

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Task 2: We recently sent out a Newsletter to our audience and need to know if our email campaign did well or not. Please review performance of our past emails and revert on overall campaign performance, what was good, bad or just plain ugly about this campaign and how it stacked up with our past deployments. Task 2 outline: Report back to the team on our latest newsletter campaign - First, familiarise yourself with the data provided in csv format: Analysis-2021-08-31_12-58 - Rework the data into a presentable format. - Review data and present back in any format (e.g. Power Point, excel or a write up) to the team on performance of our latest email campaign 24-08-2021_za_candidate_newsletter_bi-weekly_60-openers and highlight campaigns that did work vs those who did not. - You can also reference industry benchmarks when you tell your data story. (Understanding that you will miss context on content we pushed in the newsletters, we will be happy with assumptions in your analysis) - Please include any assumptions you made, things you struggled with, and things you didn’t get. Important: ? During the reporting stage, document how you went about processing the data. If you use any benchmark data, please include reference links. ? When you’re done ? Include your report and processed data excel sheet with your notes.
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