Final American History Two Exam

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Question: Final American History Two Exam

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This exam consists of two parts: Part 1: Seven (7) identification items (70 points total) For these you need to write a paragraph explaining WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and SO WHAT. Not all of these might apply but this is the general idea of what you will describe. The identification items will be worth 10 points each -- 6 points for describing who/what/when the item is and 4 points are for explaining the significance to United States history. Part 2: Essay question (30 points total) There is be one essay worth 30 points. The essay should contain historical analysis supported by evidence (i.e. facts). **Please keep in mind that if you use quotes from the reading or from other sources you MUST cite the quote. If it is from one of our books, you can do: (Author's last name, page number) if it is from another source you must include the source in the text for example (website url). You will have 1.5 hours to complete the exam -- and you must complete it once you open it.

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