Gis Project, Floodplain And Stormwater Management

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Question: Gis Project, Floodplain And Stormwater Management

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In order to discourage development and/or ensure land parcels are properly insured for flooding, the Cortland County Administration has contracted you to identify [by parcel tax ID number (PrintKey)] and map of the top vacant parcels in Cortland County that have a high probability of being developed in the near future and overlap SFHA. To complete the task, you will need to compute index values for five (5) criteria, and then combine them up together to create overall likelihood score. Details on how to compute index values for individual criteria are given in the table below. Overall likelihood scores for parcels will range between 0 and 20. In your report, ensure your final map prominently HIGHLIGHTS the top vacant parcels and provide a table listing just the top vacant parcels by PrintKey — i.e., those with likelihood score = 20.

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