Graphing project in R programming language

Use R to create a portfolio containing one of each of the following six types of graphs.

  1. A histogram of a data set. Overlay on the graph a curve that shows the distribution you expect the
  2. data set to follow.
  3. A scatter plot showing multiple samples, distinguished by color.
  4. A box-and-whisker plot that compares multiple samples.
  5. A time-series graph showing multiple data series.
  6. A bar graph. Include relative frequencies above each of the bars.
  7. Have fun with this graph. Explore the possibilities.

Requirements for the technical graphs (Graphs 1 - 5)

You will need data sets for these 5 graphs. At least 2 must be obtained through simulation, and at

least 2 from another source. Use at least one data frame. In addition, each graph should have appropriate

title and axis labels.

Some sources of data sets: You are encouraged to find your own sources of data, for example, from

another of your courses. However, the following are available:

  • Type data() into R Studio for a list of preloaded data sets. Documentation can be found through
  • the help menu.
  • Excel spreadsheets provided by Triola’s statistics textbook publisher can be found here:

  • Overall Requirement Your portfolio should feature at least 10 of the following functions and parameters.
  • par()
  • cex
  • points()
  • col
  • lines()
  • type
  • abline()
  • pch
  • arrows()
  • lwd
  • text()
  • lty
  • polygon()
  • bg
  • legend()
  • fg

  • Submitting your portfolio. Turn in each of the following:
  • a .R file containing all R code used to create your graphs. Your file should also contain the code used
  • to perform your simulations. (Please organize your work with appropriate comments throughout.)
  • a .pdf with images of your graphs and a short caption for each.
  • any data sets not included in your R code that are from sources other than the two listed above. 

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