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High School Mathematics Literacy

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Good morning ma'am or sir. Please make sure that all the questions in the pdf are answered by order and showing all calculations and how you got to the calculation.
Additional Instructions:
TENEO SCHOOL MATHEMATICAL LITERACY DATE:13-17 February 2023 TIME: 1 week MARKS:50 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Anwser all questions 2. Where applicable round off to two decimal places, unless stated otherwise. 3. Show all calculations clearly. QUESTION 1 The Helderberg Harries running club has an annual race in November. They have three races the 42km, 21km and a 10km. All the routes begin in Stellenbosch and only the marathon athletes run to Somerset West and back. 1.1 Round off the distance of 42km and 21km to the nearest 10. (2) 1.2 Write the 42km to 21km in the simplest ratio. (2) 1.3 The total number of athletes taking part in the race was 4328. Write the number of athletes in words. (2) 1.4 Pieter and Anton run the 21km race. They complete the race in the following times. Pieter’s time is 1hour and 44min and Anton’s time is 1 hour and 56mins. Calculate the speed each of them ran in minutes per km. Round off to the one decimal place. Use the formula: Speed = Time Distance÷ (7) [13] QUESTION 2 IS ON THE NEXT PAGE QUESTION 2 Mr. Basson is the owner of a bicycle shop. His profit margin is 75% on most products. He is also VAT registered, VAT is charged at 15% increase on the selling price. 2.1 Mr. Basson buys bikes at a average price of R10 600 each. Calculate the selling price of ONE bike. The selling price includes the profit margin but not the amount of VAT. (4) 2.2 How much profit will he make when selling 15 bikes per month? (3) 2.3 Calculate the selling price of one bike, VAT included. (3) 2.4 Mr. Basson decides to hire a new assitant. She calculates that a pair of cycling shoes that was R850 will be sold for R1487,50. Has the assistant calculated the profit correctly? Use calculations to support your answer. (4) 2.5 Mr Basson is running a online sale. If the cycling shorts are 459,99 after discount, and the selling price before discount was R613,32 calculate the discount percentage. (3) [17] QUESTION 3 IS ON THE NEXT PAGE QUESTION 3 There are 96 learners in the art school. 1/8 of the learners do scuplture work, 75% does photography and the rest do sketch-art. 3.1 Write 75% as a simplified fraction. (3) 3.2 Write a 1/8 as a percentage. (2) 3.3 How many learners are not doing photography? (4) 3.4 How many learners does sketch-art? (3) 3.5 Simplify the following: 3.5.1 1/5 of R200 (2) 3.5.2 36 + 4 x 2 + 20 10=÷ (2) 3.6 Round off the following values to the... 3.6.1 12 996 780 ( nearest 100) (2) 3.6.2 53 324 (nearest 10) (2) [20] Totaal [50]
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