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IMAGINE YOU ARE THERE—You are a American man, 50 years old. and the year is 1800. You are a Revolutionary war vet, and can remember the events that happened 1775-1800.. Your grown son is a farmer, loves it, but is thinking of setting up a part-time business in a nearby town. The election of 1800 is soon. Which party should your son vote for, Federalist or Republican?   Should he vote Federalist? Should he vote Republican?  You can only pick ONE  In framing your response, recall what you learned from all sources-book, powerpoint, video—and use them. Give specific examples to strengthen your argument—what happened after the revolution, then after the constitution was adopted, and WHY do you think the son will benefit from one or the other party. Also remember the positions/ideas of the Federalist/Republican parties, as reflected in Hamilton’s and Jefferson’s ideas. Analyze and interpret them in forming your opinion on what’s the best party.

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